With the rise and rise of blogging, bloggers are fighting for dominance on the internet. Like the saying goes, it is survival of the fittest in the blogging world with most utilizing the available social media platforms to advertise, sell and market their content. One of the most popular ones is Pinterest, an application that hosts millions of the world’s best ideas.

As a blogger, you do what it takes to get your content out there. This means sharing it in the places where others wouldn’t think of. While most bloggers concentrate on twitter and Facebook, it doesn’t hurt to include Pinterest in your list of platforms.

Pinterest can be a wonderful place to share content, explore and get new ideas if only you know which tactics to use. The main thing is engaging your audience and followers which ensure that you remain relevant. So, how do you engage other bloggers in Pinterest? How do you remain relevant?

Well, pin relevant, original and good content. If your blog is about sights and travel, stick to that. This includes pictures, titles and the like. The pictures should be of good quality and seductive. Something that keeps your followers salivating for more. Also, ensure that your content is original. Something that is copied grows old. You are not the first person to use something borrowed.  Create your own.

Pin often and consistently. It is the same way we like to emphasize with blog posts. Consistency is key. Same with Pinterest. There is no point of making your followers wait to hear from you after a month. Have a clear timetable of when you pin your blog posts on Pinterest. Not only will you retain followers but they will also remain loyal to you.

Retain the favor and follow your followers. It works very well in the blogging world. It does not matter what he/she writes. If one follows you, follow back. It’s a scratch my back and I scratch your back kinda relationship. The same goes for Pinterest. Return the favor and help each other grow. Also, you will gain more followers if you do.

Check out your followers’ pins for ideas and while you are at it, share them. Like the tagline says, sharing is caring. If you share other people’s pins and posts, they will share yours with their followers. You share, you grow. Remember to also leave a comment, constructive criticism, like and re-pin them on your post.

Finally, answer Questions asked on your pins with another blog post. It is a wonderful idea to help you be consistent and continue keeping in touch by engaging with your readers. When you answer you readers questions, they will stick with you to get answers. If they are satisfied, they will share it with their friend and hence bringing more traffic to your blog because not only do they get more information on queries asked, it shows that you care enough about them.

Pinterest is a wonderful way to grow your blog and market content, so what are you waiting for? Get pinning!

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