Blogs have been here for a while and regardless of how popular they have been in recent years, people still harbor a lot of misconceptions about them. Upcoming bloggers especially have a perceived mindset about starting blogs while those who have been in the industry for quite a while still have some beliefs about blogging that scare away upcoming bloggers and newbies.

The following are some of the blogging misconceptions that people still believe to be true:

Blogs should always be between 300-700 words

Words do not determine the readability of your post and therefore this should not determine the length of your post. A good post is not one that has many words but that which communicates to your audience. If you can communicate in 30 words, then so be it. Take an example of photography blogs, they do not have many words because the pictures say it all.

You must update your blog daily

This is not entirely necessary especially if you are running a one man show. With all the things that go on in life, it can be difficult to adhere to that goal. Sometimes, scratch that; most of the times, all readers need is quality and not quantity. It is not abnormal to find that a blogger posting once a month has more followers that one posting three times a day.  In fact, those who post frequently end up annoying their readers with notification emails. But of course, there are exceptions like news blogs that post as frequently on any piece of breaking news that comes on.

You don’t need money to build a good blog

If you want something good, you should invest in it. So, yes, you need money to build a successful blog. This might be free online or offline tools and themes for your blog. However, remember that cheap things are expensive in the long run. But if you can’t build a successful online base, be ready to chip out some few coins to make it worth your while.

There is no need to involve social media in my blog

Using social media to market your blog is not always a waste of time. The real problem is entirely relying on your social media and neglecting to build your audience in other ways. Social media can be unreliable sometimes because the audience you have on social media is not entirely yours. You can lose them. You can try other ways like sending the link of your blog to your email list. It’s tiring but at the end of the day, it pays off.

If you can’t write well, you can’t blog

Well, it simply is not true. People blog for different reasons, one of them is to improve their language and writing skills. So, you don’t have to be good. After all, not everyone is perfect. The most important thing is the willingness to learn and improve yourself.

I don’t need headings in my post

Headings are a must! Do not kid yourself that they aren’t. They should not just be any heading. Have catchy headings in your post. Catchy headings result to clicks and views and if someone clicks on your post, chances are they will read your post.

Number of comments determines number people are reading my blog

This is not always true. Since a lot of comments mean, people are reading your blog post, this is not always a determining factor. Sometimes people read a blog post but do not comment on it. The reason could be the type of gadget that they use to access the internet or the fact that they have no time to construct a message. Instead, they like or share it to their social media platforms. What am trying to say is that don’t just look at the comments, check out how many shares you have, how many likes, how many views and if your subscribers have increased since your last post.

Niches will limit content

The opposite is true. You should make up your mind about what you really want to blog about. No one wants to read a confused blog. You can’t blog about travel today and recipes the next day and expect to retain readers because when someone follows a blog, they are looking for something specific.  That is why there are different types of blogs and even if the writer is diverse, he/she will have different categories within that blog.