Blogging is a choice. Many people think about starting a blog or vlog, but it becomes a choice when you actually walk the talk and choose to share your thoughts online. Establishing the preferred niche that suits you is one way of creating your own path. Would you rather dress up in suits and walk a path like everyone else and never have a legacy of your own or would you rather swim upstream like a trout against the norm and create your own path, your own legacy?

Creating your own path in the blogging or writing world, creates your own legacy to live by. It enables you to ultimately love what you do. When you wake up every morning and get the overwhelming feeling of having to write a number of articles just for the day, as you create your legacy, it becomes your own chosen path. Regardless of the little achievements you may make, they become your own and no one else’s successes. Remember, when you are passionate about what you do, all the accolades will eventually come, but you have to start from somewhere.

When you find your own path, you don’t have to limit yourself to one niche. If you can be able to hack a number of blogging niches which all link to your passion, don’t be afraid to take the chance and explore what you are good at. The niches could link with one another. An example of a niche that showcases different topics is the lifestyle category. One can literary blog about anything and everything all in one platform. You can create your own path in such a category by being unique and being true to who you are. People have to like you or relate to who you are. You can’t be someone else. This takes up a lot of wasted energy.

Therefore, do not try to be like other lifestyle bloggers or compare their work to yours. This might dishearten your creativity and you will struggle to find a lane you are comfortable with as you swim against the current. Accept the fact that you won’t know everything but be willing to learn something new every day. As you educate and inform others in your blogging path, be open to new ideas as well.

Nevertheless, creating your own path will require you to sacrifice part of your life. Your life can be your work. In the blogging sphere, if you choose to be a freelance writer, it becomes your life. This may include your sleep as you type away on your laptop the whole day all through to the night. A certain quality of lifestyle that you want may also be sacrificed as you strive to leave a legacy in your life. To be an achiever, you have to let go of some things.

Creating your own path will require you to push yourself every single day. Leaving a legacy doesn’t come as easy as it looks, you have to want it bad enough as well. Work at best even under pressure. Pressure from within to remain consistent whether you post every week or every day you have to keep at it. Learn to push yourself and set no limits. As you start or continue creating content for you blog, strive to leave a footprint and give yourself praise whenever you accomplish even the smallest fit.

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