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Have you ever considered being a Twitter influencer? Twitter is one of the platforms where one can be able to earn income in our digital era. How to make money online has recently become a trend and people are jumping into this new opportunity. Making money online, especially, using a platform such as Twitter is commonly described as Social media influencing, managing or marketing. Otherwise known as being a social media bigwig. Do you know any Twitter bigwigs?

Did you know, according to a survey done by Twitter, 49% of Twitter users rely on recommendations from influencers. This is where social media influencers with huge followings drive social or marketing trends thereafter making money from it.

However, having a phone, or laptop, a good internet service provider and a loyal online community are not enough. You will need online tools to make your online work easier, faster and effective. These are Twitter tools any Twitter user needs to know.

  1. TweetDeck

Tweetdeck is the go to online tool for most people. Tweetdeck is a free powerful multi-platform Twitter tool for more flexibility and power in the hands of users. This is what social media influencers should look for. Tweetdeck makes it easy to swipe swiftly between multiple profiles and send DM and manage all interactions in a single go.

  1. Tweetstats

Keeping track of your Twitter usage is a great way to recognize the social media patterns. Determining your pattern will enable you to outline when the best time to engage with your followers is and what your followers prefer reading on your timeline. TweetStats is a great free tool to keep track of your tweets by the hour, month and tweet timeline.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is simply one of the best Twitter tools out there for users who tend to tweet in short bursts. Distributed tweets throughout the day tend to convert better, and Buffer lets you schedule your tweets to the best performing time of the day. When you have a balanced tweeting schedule, you tend to seem more organized. Organizations look for individuals who can be able to drive social media marketing responsibly.

  1. Twibes

Social media is all about connection. Connecting people with similar interests and thoughts. Twibes does more than linking people. Twibes is basically a group of Twitter users with common interests. Joining interest groups is a great way to making the most of building effective connections online and Twibes is a great place to start for Twitter users and gain a loyal following.

  1. Tweepi

Sometimes we may seem to have many followers but they may not support your social media marketing approach. This is where loyal followers count the most. When you notice that the majority of the Twitter users you follow are inactive, Tweepi lets you clear off your Twitter mess by clearing up un-followers and inactive. Tweepi also promotes you to follow Twitter users with your relative interest.

  1. Hootsuite

This list cannot go without the mentioning of Hootsuite. It is one of the most popular online tools, effective and user-friendly. Managing your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Instagram all at once has been outlined perfectly by this tool and is a must-have for every serious online marketer. Hootsuite enables you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, and to add-on that, lets you re-tweet across multiple profiles automatically.

  1. Tweriod

Spying on your followers is good on social media. Tweriod is a great tool for keeping track of the time when most of your followers are in action. Researching is a must and goes a long way in online marketing. Tweriod helps you know your followers better. You can use data from this tool to schedule your tweets accordingly at the most interactive period of the day for better engagement.

  1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is an online tool which has a simple functional design and an automated feature. Auto DM’s and mentions are a great way to connect with your following on Twitter, they can also be a smart way to add a call to action.

However, for this to work, your Copywriting skills need to be good. Your DM should be thought of as a sales pitch to a potential client. Your followers are your clients.

  1. Social Bearing

Social Bearing is a Twitter Analytics tools that help you get insight on your tweets and timelines. This tool allows you to find, filter and sort tweets or people by mentions, engagement, influence, language, location, sentiment and more.

  1. Sprout Social

SproutSocial is an all-in-one browser-based social media management tool. Their goal is to help businesses build lasting and meaningful relationships with their customers.

SproutSocial integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, as well as ZenDesk, UserVoice, and Salesforce to allow you to manage all your customer support, interactions, and relationships from a single dashboard.

This tool is however for serious social media marketers and is available starting at $59 per user per month, and is scalable up to enterprise level.

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