Great impressions matter and if you ask those who have been in the job market, a great first impression is important as the job itself. A great first impression gives you THE job, a great first impression takes you to places you have never been before and as the saying goes, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Some of the things we do both knowingly and unknowingly more often than not, get us into trouble and sometimes we have no clue as to where we went wrong. It is all in the vibe I get when I first talk to you. Some give a very warm vibe while others are downright creepy. Some give of an arrogant attitude while some look meek. Of course, someone may be wrong about you. So how do you make sure that you sell yourself far who you really are? Here is how:

Timing is essential

Whatever you do and no matter how many oceans you have to cross, make sure you arrive at whatever appointment on time. Employers will determine whether you are a good match for their organization if you are punctual. Punctuality also shows that you are organized in your dealings.

Be yourself

You will never impress someone by pretending to be someone you are not. Be yourself. Employers always look for people who are genuine and trustworthy. It doesn’t matter if you are a nerd, or you were the most popular guy in school. An employer will be more impressed with a genuine nerd over an over-confident person pretending to be a nerd.

Be attentive

It is very annoying when someone is trying to talk to you while you are busy texting on your phone. Personally, it pisses me off. When you are in a group, make sure to keep your phone away, preferably off so that it doesn’t distract you from the task at hand or from the person whose attention you should be keeping. No one should compete with your phone for your attention.


As they say, as smile makes a dark day seem bright. Smiles are very infectious. It shows friendliness and that you actually care. If you show people your friendly face, they will be the ones to actually approach you.  To impress a potential employer, make sure you at least smile- not the flirtatious one, not one that looks that your face is about to break but a genuine smile. You do not have to look like you are doing a toothpaste advert but sometimes it pays to turn that frown upside down.


Have a strong handshake but not a bone crushing one. Strong handshakes exude confidence and certainty. And while at it, look at the person in the eye and flash your best smile- not the one that you have practiced in the mirror severally but YOUR smile. There is a whole wealth of conclusions that a person can make by just looking whether or not you can maintain eye contact.

Make small talk and don’t judge

Make small talk with the people around you. It is a good way to create friendship and networks with potential colleagues. There is actually an employer who sat among the interviewing candidates and pretended to be one of them so as to get to know them at their most genuine point. Some were talking to each other but others had excluded themselves and went as far as speaking rudely towards him. He was in informal attire but you can imagine the shock these interviewees had when they went to the interviewing room and saw him on the panel. It is not just to scare you. It is just that sometimes you do not know that test or obstacle you will be required to face before you get that dream job.

First impressions really do matter. Be comfortable in yourself and project the best of who you are. Put your best foot forward and you will ace it. That I can assure you.