How to be successful in your social media niche part two

There are many tips one can use to be successful on social media. This is a continuation of the previous post done here.

  1. Be a Better Storyteller

Social Media is all about telling stories. This brings out a more human part of you, which people can resonate with. When you do this, it is about not only the product or brand that will be of interest but the story behind it. People are more likely to follow you on social media, purchase any products on your social media, and even share your content with their friends because they can be able to identify with you.

It does not add value when you say you are selling a product, having classes or hosting an event when you do not tell a story which people can easily relate to themselves. For example, when Bikozulu hosts his Master Class for Writers (whether amateur or professional), people are more likely to sign up for his classes since he is already a good storyteller. When Magunga sells books written by African authors on Magunga Books, people are more likely to buy them for the same reason that his blog tells a story. These two successful bloggers have not ambushed people into buying their brand/product. Their own platforms are inviting and have stories which people can resonate with making their products well known to their readers.

  1. Do Collaborations

One way to grow in your social media niche is to do collaborations with people who are already in that industry serving the same audience. These may not necessarily be your competitors because you have different messages but target the same audience. This indicates you can add value to them and yourself through the different storytelling views.

We can learn a lot when we share ideas with each other and add value to the same audience. For example, has grown through doing several collaborations in the form of involving people who live in Mombasa to appear on the blog and share their stories regarding life in Mombasa. Our Two Cents by Sharon Mundia and Susan Wong also do collaborations with people in the same niche depending on the topic in question.

When you reach out to people to do collaborations, these are people whom you have seen their content and are on the same wavelength as you are. These are people you have connected with at one time either through commenting on their platforms or even just meeting them in person. Therefore, they already know who you are and your platform and would not mind collaborating with you. You also already know the value you will not only gain on your platform but their platform as well.

  1. Build a Team

In the beginning, starting a social media path is a solo venture. You do not need to spend money to make money especially when you start. You will need to do all the editing, researching, content creation and even the SEO bit all by yourself. This may seem slow in the beginning since a lot of time will be spent on building the product or brand.

When your social media platform starts to earn some revenue, no matter how small it may be, you can build a team. In the blogging world, you can decide to have contributors who can increase the number of blog posts or articles done per week. If your niche is YouTube, having a video editor or someone who understands the graphics concept will be an added advantage. Having a co-photographer will go a long way in ensuring you have different ideas in your social media platform.

Any person whom you add to help you grow your brand or product becomes part of your team. Therefore, while in the beginner you had to do everything by yourself, most of the time, you did not enjoy doing certain things, but with a team, you are able to concentrate on your best ideas. This will, in most cases, ensure good quality content is always published on your platform ensuring success in social media.

  1. Be Consistent

So many people are not consistent enough when it comes to social media. Social media does not achieve success by just posting one content a month. You need to do it as often as possible. It does not make sense when you publish good content, build an audience then only do it a few times in a year. You might lose your audience who come to your site or social media profile expecting new content but not finding anything recent.

We become better at something when we put in the work and practice every single day. The first few blog posts or YouTube videos may not be worth the needed attention, but over time, the quality of the content will improve and become view worthy.

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