Blogging encompasses many avenues and most of us, me included have given so much attention to the regular blogs. But at one point or the other, you will want to incorporate an audio file either to add more information to your written piece or to provide a demonstration for something that you would have trouble explaining with words.

Today, we will look at the audio editing equipment that you will need in order to make this endeavor possible.


Many people prefer the digital recorder but using the analog one will work as well. After recording, one will have to transfer it to a computer and convert it to a digital sound which you will edit using your audio editing software of choice.

For broadcast purposes, recordings, do not use mini cassette recorders because the sound they produce is not of broadcast quality. Another factor that distinguishes recorders is the fact that you can manipulate the sound levels. If you are a fan of analog, remember you will have to use a special software to convert the analog format to digital format to enable you to edit of the computer.

Mobile phones

Well, if you do not have a recorder, another option is a good smartphone. A smartphone already has an incorporated sound recorder that records using the .AMR file format which is custom made for phones. You can then transfer the file to your computer using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a cable to your computer for editing.


It is advisable to have an external microphone so that you can put it near the source as possible. Any microphone will do whether it is unidirectional or omnidirectional.

Sometimes, for a blogger who is just starting out, buying a microphone can be a bit expensive. Most recorders have inbuilt microphones but the downside is that they are not preferable for radio play because of it low-quality sound and also the fact that you have to be close to the subject in order to be able to record quality sound.


Headphones are needed so that you can check the sound levels as you record. They also enable you to hear the sound exactly as the way the audience will hear it. It is advisable to first record a minute or so of sound so that you can adjust where necessary, before recording the whole thing.


Computers are useful for sound recording first because it has its own inbuilt sound recorder and it is the avenue for editing. It has applications which make our editing work easier. One can listen to an audio recording and therefore identify which parts should be removed, you can playback and it also allows you to save it once you are done.


Last but not least, you will need an audio editing suite. This is any preferable software that enables you to edit sound. Post people use adobe audition software or cool edit which also allows you to work with other audio formats like WAV, MP3. Once you are done, it allows you to play the finished product before you save.

Including audios in your blogs goes not just add to the aesthetic value of the blog but all so increases credibility. Try this today and see how far it takes you.