Writing may seem simple but it’s kinder harder than you think. I am not saying this to discourage anyone. You don’t just wake up one morning and be a good writer. It takes hard work, commitment and well…lots of coffee. It is easy to distinguish between a good writer and a bad writer. The difference is in the content. When someone reads your work, what does he/she see? Are there grammar mistakes, repetition maybe? What about those flowery words that just end up confusing the reader? If you are a writer and you have recognized that you still make these mistakes, there is hope for you yet. Without further ado, let’s look at how we can improve those writing skills and be the writing pro that you have always wanted to be.

Read anything and everything.

Well if you are a creative writer, do not limit yourself to reading fictional novels. Read a newspaper, a cereal box, a poster. Read widely. Through this you will learn the different styles of writing. Of course the way a novel is written is not the same way a newspaper is written. The have different styles because they have different audiences and want to achieve different goals.

Have a beta reader

In general, a beta reader is a non-professional reader who reads a written work with the aim of pointing out mistakes and thus correcting them for you. It is very difficult for a writer to recognize some of the little mistakes in their drafts and it is therefore very important to have a third party to go over your work. Since they are unbiased, it will be easier for them to point out some errors that you would have missed or ignored when editing it yourself.

Write often

You don’t just write once and claim to be a good writer. A good writer write and writes often. He/she will have a book and a pen ready for when inspiration hits. If not a good book, he will have an application in his/her smartphone that will enable them write wherever, whenever. Do not just stop at writing what you love. Diversify. Write different genres. Try short stories, poems and short essays. There are also avenues that that one can practice this like blogs and writing contests. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Edit, edit, edit

Do not just leave your work at that. Edit your work ruthlessly because the first draft is not an acceptable manuscript. You need to make sure that your articles or books are mistake free. If you think you are done with the editing, give it a few days then go through your work. You might find that there was an oversight the last time you edited.

Don’t try so hard

Even though you want to impress your readers with your writing prowess. Do not try so hard such that you add unnecessary words. Be concise, simple and straight to the point. Do not use jargons that your readers might not understand. Long and complicated adjective will just frustrate your readers and in the long run, you will not communicate what you wanted. Communication involves the message being received and understood.

Write about what you love

This is also called establishing your niche. Random writing gets old quickly. Write about your passion. Sitting around the house all day won’t inspire you enough to be excited about your writing. Well, it might, but you might also find you need something more. Travel, make new friends, visit museums and art galleries and do something crazy. Don’t be afraid to do things out of your normal because it’s in these situations where we grow. Besides, new experiences are always great sources for writing material.

Not knowing how to write well should not be a hindrance towards wanting to start your writing career. There is a great fulfillment in knowing that you tried and did everything possible. Start with these simple tips and you will see a difference in no time. Happy writing!

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