Every successful blogger gets to be asked this question more often than not. Some may not have a direct answer to this. Some say their creativity and what they want to share with the world on an online platform makes it easy for them to write blog posts which are always better than their previous ones. For newbies, starting a post always seems difficult. This leads first-time bloggers to even quit within a month of starting. The good news is, there is no ultimate way to start a blog post. You just need to start and write what you had intended to write or showcase. Be it a creative piece, an educative piece, a fashion, photography or food shoot just start.

If you have been wondering how you are going to start one or any of your blog post ideas, here are some tips you could consider.

Practice The Two-minute rule

The two-minute rule prevents procrastination and makes you stick to good habits at the same time. How? You ask. Consider this, begin writing whatever comes to your mind in relation to what you are writing. It could even be out of topic. By the time you relax, you will notice you have written quite a number of words, even a page or two. Later, as you go through what you were writing, you can decipher the first paragraph, which probably contained a lot of ‘not related to the topic’ writings and leave what is relevant.

Be Short and Direct

You don’t have to think of long words to write as you start your post. Less is always more. Being direct always works. Remember, as the complexity of an article increase, the degree to which the reader continues to read on decreases.

Share a quote

Quotes are great post openers. A quote gives you a solid foundation upon which you can build your entire article on. If you are feeling stuck, this is always a good way to begin.

You could start with a reader’s question.

A reader question is great. This is because you can ordinarily be sure other people share the same question or opinion. Also, it’s so much easier to address a specific question rather than have to pull content out of your own head. You could post this question on all your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora. Later, you can start with the same question on your blog post and continue with various opinions you get from these platforms.

Understand your audience

Before you start writing, you will need to understand who you are writing for. Different audiences are led by how the first part of the article has been written. The target audience will continue reading depending on what resonates well with them. A good title might lead them to read on but if the first sentence is very unclear, your target audience might ignore the full article.

If these few tips have given you an idea of how to start your blog, then you are well on your way to having a good article. Always strive to be better than your previous beginnings.

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