Photography is not only an art but a trade that requires great practice. A trade that is not as difficult as it may appear to be because, in the end, one feels delighted to showcase their own work making it an art. Most bloggers would love to use their own photos on their own blog. This is crucial for photography, travel, food and fashion bloggers but other bloggers in business or lifestyle also need to have authentic photos that will only be found on their respective blogs. There are several tips and tricks one should always be mindful of in order to have great photos in their blog. This tips may not essentially apply to professional photographers who have already and are still mastering the art.

  1. Figure out the right camera settings

Imagine spending the whole day taking photos only to realise you had the wrong settings all through and the images didn’t come out as expected. This is very disappointing and you might even loose the zeal of ever taking photos by yourself. Before you begin taking photos, whether on the phone or a camera, be sure to check the settings and be on the right track.

When you are using a DSLR camera there are 3 important things to consider: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. The aperture creates the depth of field, therefore it is really important that you always keep that number as low as possible. ISO is the light that comes from inside the camera. It is very tempting to make your ISO higher when it is a little dark outside. Try to use this option to the minimum, as the pictures will appear a little grainy. You can arrange your light by changing your shutter speed. The higher your shutter speed, the darker the pictures. (Source)

  1. Photoshop or other editing software should be your best friend

Once you are through with the photo session, you will need to edit and personalise them. Foremost, the photos were taken by you and watermarking them is important to prevent anyone from claiming them. Editing gives photos an edge as they will not always be perfect when taken. Editing is not tough as you will only need to work with your style and appearance. Basically, one needs to work more on contrast, brightness and saturation.

When you are using a DSLR, make sure you shoot a plain image without changing the camera setting as much so that you can be able to use available photo editing software for profound images.

  1. Backgrounds are important

During a photo session, you do not want the background image to shadow your subject. Unless you are shooting a landscape image. The main focus is the subject which you want to clearly bring out in your blog. Be sure to consider the layout of the background. Whether you want to blur it or to sharpen it, smoothen or make it ‘loud’, make sure you include the background in your overall plan for the shoot.

  1. Back up everything

Anything can happen and the photos which you took the time to take and edit may disappear into thin air. Make sure you have a backup of all your photos because you never know where you might use them. Do this right after a session. Also, be sure to backup smart. Don’t only use external hard drives as you should also consider online clouds.

  1. Have fun

Photography may have many rules and the tricks to having a good image may seem out of reach. Remember to enjoy what you are doing from the photo session to the editing and finally when you post it in your blog. If you have any more tips you would like bloggers to know, share it in the comment section.