Being a committed blogger can be a difficult task for most people. A majority of bloggers don’t keep a blog longer than three months. Even getting to three is a task on its own. However, some bloggers wonder if they should stay committed.  Well, to be better at something, blogging in this case, one has to be consistent.

To get your blog to where you want it to be, if you had previously written a goal on it, you will need to be committed. Commitment doesn’t mean creating a blog, on whichever platform, and deciding to post only once a month. Committed means working on your blog every day, even if it’s not necessarily writing, but making sure the consumer interface is good, everything is working as it should be and have a post or two, and even five posts a week. This calls for hard work. Hard work is a result of good planning and keeping to your set goals.

Every so often, bloggers become committed for one year or more, working on content creation diligently eventually get the recognition for their blogs and suddenly, they stop. The hit a dead end. Maybe work or other pressing issues rise in between and the writing stops. The content streaming stops. The thought of even writing does not come about. I know many of us have read blogs like this. Those we enjoyed at some point and then the writer stopped and we moved on to other blogs but wished they continued writing.  Maybe they were not passionate enough to continue or thought they were not as good, or maybe they got better things to do and discovered their purpose in life which may not necessarily be related to writing. Who knows?

Being committed will cost you a lot of time and probably money to self-host your blog and attend writing workshops as well as getting a new laptop and a good internet service provider. As a blogger, one could apply these tips, from Paid to Exist, on how to remain committed.

  1. Get Your Mindset Right. Success in any aspect of life starts with your mindset. The intention to take a good look at your life and decide that nothing and no one is going to stand in your way of success. This applies to not taking it personally by reacting to the naysayers and anyone else who thinks you may be wasting your time and money on blogging.
  2. Refine Your Goals. It’s hard to commit yourself to something if your finish line is not set. Before you do anything, be clear about what your ultimate outcome looks like. Write down exactly what you want, how you are going to get there and on what sort of timeline you plan to reach your destination.
  3. Focus on what’s Important. Focusing on unimportant activities will not get you anywhere. Being committed just for the sake of it is not the end goal. The goal is to live and work on your own terms. This is especially important if you already have a busy life full of responsibilities. “In order to achieve freedom and escape the trap of selling your time for money, you must be ruthlessly selective about what you work on and what you ignore.”
  4. Hold Yourself Accountable. One’s personal drive usually isn’t enough. It may be enough to get you started, but after a week or two, your initial enthusiasm slowly begins to fade. In order to stay committed, you need a way of holding yourself accountable. Research on ways you can hold yourself accountable. An example is; Joining a community and surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are rooting for (and expecting) your success.

The truth is, if you are passionate about something, the accolades always come and new and better opportunities are always there. Staying a committed writer always guarantees that luck will find you. Luck here means, ‘when opportunity meets preparedness’ because there are always ways you can grow as a blogger and better the world in ways we may not likely understand.

Bloggers should not worry and waste good creative energy thinking about how good they are at blogging but seek to use that same energy and be committed in their blogs. Not being committed robs the world of our contributions. Bloggers should, therefore, continue sharing their gifts with the world.

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