You have published your post, what happens next. Most times we don’t think about it further than the publishing part and most likely assume that people we get to read it automatically. Well, the truth is, if you don’t put yourself out there no one will ever know. Know will ever read your content no matter how good it may be. No one will even give your blog the attention it needs unless you expect a miracle to happen or for someone to approach you and ask you, ‘So, do you write?’ This rarely happens, in fact, it never happens unless you have been asking the universe to do this over time which again will not be an automatic response. Because, blogs that do not drive traffic, nobody has the time for that.

There are several ways of how you can be able to get traffic, a broader audience, an audience that will get you where you want to and possible, motivate you to work even harder. Some people wish for things, while others work for it. Posting a blog and not promoting it expecting traffic is just wishful thinking.

Today, we will focus on Facebook, one of the favourite places to promote the latest blog post for most successful bloggers. This will only take a minute of your time but at the end of it all, you will get traffic to your blog, for free. Free here is the key word. No worrying about breaking the bank.

Facebook is one of the social media mediums that has most users; up to 2 Billon users and counting. This is a very good place to promote your blog. Most bloggers, companies and even organisations have gone to the lengths of paying to get traffic by using the Facebook advertising platforms. However, this becomes costly over time, especially is you are not well established, and posting on your Facebook page or personal account expecting to get good traffic to your site is not the ultimate solution.

The good news is Facebook has a platform where influence is limitless, and you can have conversations with individuals you are not friends with, and who possibly don’t like or follow your page. This is called the Facebook Group.

To get traffic to your site using Facebook groups you will need to;

  • Join as many relevant and active Facebook groups as possible. Introduce yourself to each of this groups. This is because people don’t agree well with ‘strangers’ or people who jump into a conversation. Be humane and respectful and remember you are social networking with other humans and not just there to promote your site.
  • Communicate with other people on the group by commenting on some of the member questions, providing insight or ideas for their specific problems, and be as helpful as possible by providing content or even personal advice. The key is to build a relationship with other members of the group.
  • Share all of your original content in these groups as per the group’s rules. Following the rules of each group is very crucial, otherwise, you may find yourself barred from the group.
  • Keep checking the groups on a regular basis. Don’t comment only when you have shared your latest post. Be an active member.
  • You can also join blog-related groups. This provides a good support system like our own Bloggers Association of Kenya Group. The sole purpose of this groups is to help promote each other’s posts through social shares, comments, and page likes. Become a member and get active so that you can start getting your name out there as fast as possible.

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