Setting up a blog is relatively easy that is if you are using WordPress or BlogSpot. The problem comes in completing the page. Most bloggers do not have all the needed pages on their blog which can result in them missing out on some opportunities or losing some potential readers. So here are some of the important pages needed on your blog:

About Me

The about me page is very crucial. New visitors to your blog will probably visit your about page in order to get a glimpse into who you are. This about page helps the visitors to know you better and have a connection with you. If they find you funny, creative or basically you fit into the niche that they prefer you get a new subscriber.

Contact Page

When you write great articles which I am assuming you do, you open up the doors for many opportunities. People may want to work with you, may seek out your help, a few media houses or even fellow bloggers might want to interview you and others might want to pay you for a sponsored post.

It would be so tedious for these individuals to have to go to your social media platforms direct message you in order to get your contact information. There are people who will find the process to be too exhausting and in the end opt out. So why not make it simple for such people by having a contact page on your blog.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy page is crucial for people who collect personal information from their visitors. Therefore it is necessary for the blogger to outline which kind of personal information you collect from the visitors.

If you use or want to use Third Party Ad Networks for blog monetization then having a privacy policy page is crucial. In fact sites such as Google AdSense require that you have a privacy policy page for them to use your site to display Ads.

Disclaimer Page

This is necessary for a blog that generates revenue by selling other products. For example if you use affiliate marketing whereby you use affiliate links on your site and you get a commission every time somebody uses that link to purchase a product. In fact some affiliate marketing sites will not agree to use your page for such marketing if you do not have this page.

On top of that you also have to make clear on what ground you recommend such products and ensure you aren’t held responsible for any damage that might occur as a result of using these products.

Service page

If you offer any services this would be the page to advertise it on. For example I have seen travel blogs that have such a page that takes about their travel consultancy business i.e. they can help you set up a trip that matches your pockets.

404 Error Page

Several times you will find yourself on a broken page with no clue on what to do next.  Having a customized 404 page will help the reader know what to do next. You can for example redirect the reader back to the homepage.


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