We live in a world where we would prefer to set our very own ‘terms and conditions’ and run our very own lives. Most times, this is not possible, especially in the formal employment sector. Writing, a type of informal employment, has revolutionized becoming an occupation one can be paid for. This can be attributed to a rise in the number of writers over the decade. Writers are now sort out for by governments, corporate and even multinational organisations. Being a writer has therefore proven to become a profession one can make a living in.

There are a certain benefits that befits freelance writers. If you would like to become one, here are certain advantages you should consider. This is particularly for those who are uncertainty of whether they should take this career path.

  1. Additional Income

Writing could be your next side hustle. When well-planned and all goals followed to fruition, you can actually make money as a freelance writer. You will be able to earn an extra income while at home. Many people have a creative side and would like to share it with the world. Being a writer entails creativity. In view of this, share your thoughts with other like-minded people or others who are simply just curious. Begin by starting a website or a blog. With the latest advancement in technology, this has been made easier. Make an impact through writing. The effort you place into this will be rewarded possibly as an additional income as companies begin to seek writers to handle their projects on an as-needed basis as well as other writing opportunities opening up. You might as well transition and become a full time writer soon enough.

  1. Less Intense Research

Being a freelance writer requires less intense research compared to a scientific or legal research for example. The greatest assets as a writer becomes your ability to create content that will be read by a large audience regardless of the different social background. You only need to write what resonates in your mind with minimal effort and be able to channel the material in a way it can be easily understood by all. Your daily thoughts on life ranging from social, political, environmental, economical to even general lifestyle issues can be written on with little to no research required.

  1. Flexibility

Being a freelance writer is very flexible. You get to work whenever you want, so long as you meet your set timeline goals. You can even work while asleep. By this I mean, you can schedule your posts to whatever time you want. You are not limited to a 9 to 5 job. You are also not limited to working for one client.  You can write for a wide range of clients.

  1. Save Money

Working as a freelance writer not only does it earn you extra money but also saves you money altogether. You get to work at home. This saves your on fuel or transport costs, sometimes lunch expenses and to some extent rent cost as you can run your business as a writer at the comfort of your home without having to hire any premises.

  1. No starting capital required

Do you have a laptop/computer/phone? Can you be able to access internet? If you have been questioning what exactly it is you need to become a writer and you answered yes to all these, then all you need to do is start. No capital is required if you have all this. Only your time and dedication, then you are set to start a career as a freelance writer.

Are you a freelance writer? What other benefits would you suggest?

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