One thing I have noticed about successful bloggers in Kenya is that they are always surrounded by other successful bloggers.  I don’t know if the success is transmitted by osmosis but that’s the norm.  As an upcoming blogger even though your content is good it might take a while before you leap into success well unless your first post goes viral. The “shortcut” though to maybe reaching your peak faster is networking with other bloggers.  You can benefit in so many ways like: you learn from their mistakes and so you won’t have to repeat them, they can drive traffic to your website i.e. if you take a photo together and they tag you in it people will be curious as to who you are and will go to your page and some will end up on your blog that is if you have put your URL address on your bio. On top of all this, you will have a support system that understands the kind of problems you experience.

So here are a few ways to ensure you successfully network with fellow bloggers:

  1. Join Facebook Groups

This is one of the most effective ways to interact with other bloggers.  For example you can join the BAKE group on Facebook and share your posts there and in that you will have shown your content to a larger audience.  However if you are seeking engagement, you can always join smaller groups in Facebook. This provides you with a chance to ask any questions you might have and also get support from other bloggers.

You might be curious as to how to find these Facebook groups well it’s pretty simple.  All you have to do is go on the search bar on Facebook and look for the type of group you would like to join.  For example if you are a travel blogger you can search for a travel bloggers group.

  1. Commenting on blogs

It is good to support one another, by commenting on a fellow bloggers post not only do you show support but you can also receive support back.  I would however say be genuine in your response and don’t always expect support back the world doesn’t work that way.  Secondly at times when you comment you can link back to your blog.  If your comment is interesting and adds something to the conversation some of the readers might check out your blog.

  1. Attending Conferences and Events

You can make time out of your busy schedule to attend some blogging events.  BAKE organizes some events like digital skills training or they simply invite bloggers to some events that are happening.  This is the perfect opportunity to meet other bloggers face to face and have a one on one conversation.  You can also attend writing conferences and you might meet some who understands blogging and writing.

  1. Sharing Content

You can also share other bloggers content on your social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many more.  Make sure you tag them while sharing their content.  This way do you not only add interesting content to your social media platforms but also it’s a form of saying hi to other bloggers.

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