It is 2017 everyone is in social media even our grandparents are beginning to join some social media platforms. As a blogger, social media is one of the avenues to market yourself and therefore it’s necessary for you to create an image that is appropriate for the line of work you have chosen. Therefore given the number of people who are available online and seeing as its part and parcel of being a blogger it is proper to be on your best behavior while on social media.

Here are some best practices for social media:

Have a proper username

Names like karreulemhot might have sounded cool to you while you were in high school but it’s time to grow up and use something more proper. I know of someone who once went for an interview at a bank and they asked for their instagram user name. I can’t right it on here because of how inappropriate it was, so you can only imagine the embarrassment he felt when he told the interviewers his user name and on top of that how the interviewers viewed him after that. I think it goes without say that as a blogger your handle should be appropriate: and it should either be your two names or the name of the blog.

Do not send out offensive posts/tweets

Do not start being tribal in your tweets and start abusing folks on there who come from a different tribe that you supposedly don’t like. Cyber bullying is also offensive; picking on someone constantly is not part of social media etiquette. Always remember people are watching and those tribal or racist tweets might just cost you your job. On top of that cyber bullying has resulted in people committing suicide.

Comments follow you

The internet never forgets. That nasty comment you might leave on celebrity’s handle or that nasty response you might throw back at someone who tweets something you do not necessarily agree with might come back and haunt you. So it is important to exercise caution while commenting and you should ask yourself whether you would want someone who knows you seeing this. If the answer is yes you probably shouldn’t write it.

Do not bombard people’s TL

You know that annoying person who goes down to the coast and floods your instagram timeline with more than 10 photos at once. Or that person who posts 40 tweets in a row without giving you prior warning. If you are going to bombard the TL the least you could do is warn your followers i.e. am going to rant on so and so or I am going to do a thread on xyz. For instagram what if you space them or better yet go live and show the people this thing that has excited you so much.

Avoid following and unfollowing people

In the quest for more followers some people will follow and unfollow you. Some do it so often and this might result in folks getting irritated with you and blocking you and the many followers you wanted will be a myth. Listen if you post interesting content the followers will come do not be that guy that annoying guy.

Understand each platform’s best practices

You should understand the dynamics of each platform and follow them. You probably should not go flirting in people’s DM’s on linked in, you shouldn’t constantly post videos of you doing your daily staff on twitter or Facebook we have snapchat and instagram stories for that. In simple words use each platform appropriately.


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