Every day, especially at the beginning of the week, we always set out well laid plans to guide us through the day and week. Human beings, being creatures of habit, we plan almost everything beforehand.

But what happens when things don’t go as planned? What happens when you don’t know what to do when you are stuck in a situation you had not planned for? What do you do next? Of more importance, what happens when you have a lot of pending articles to write but you have no idea where to start?

‘We plan our lives but life is complicated. There is how we see the world and then there is how the world actually is.’ We don’t just see the world as it is now, we see the world as it can be at some point down the road. That is why we are predisposed to planning everything.

When our plans fail we loathe ourselves for the failures we have faced. We simple like to know that everything will go as planned. That there is no chance everything or even the smallest thing will go wrong. We like to think that we know exactly how situations will turn out, but in actual sense, all we are capable of is producing relatively accurate probabilities.

Life moves from complicated to beautiful when we realise that no matter what the probabilities are for any event occurring, as long as there is the tiniest percentage of a chance that things could go the other way, then it is possible to realise that things can go the other way.

You may have planned to write in the morning as you soak in the quietness and the burst of creativity but find out that morning that the probability of electricity changed from 100% to 10% and you don’t have back up. Maybe you have an article you are set to publish, but the probability of there being internet connectivity changes from 100% to 10%.

We often forget to live in the now. To realise that this particular moment is all we have and we will not have it again. All our planning may make you think more of the future instead of the now. Which will most probably lead you to a panic mode and less likely to function.

Understanding that there are ways of playing the probabilities of life (the game) to maximize results that incline in your favour and being content with the fact that on occasion, fate will and may work against you, will make your life easier.

Having a positive attitude on life, understanding that we have the ability to make the seemingly impossible possible, having hope and accepting the belief that the universe will allow for our happiness and contentment is enough to create the life you want to live, regardless of the probabilities. Your writing will become less stressful when you realise all this possibilities and just ‘go with the flow’.

Dwelling on the negative always crushes your positive vibe and mantra which is not good, especially if you are a creative writer. Live in the moment, regardless of the number of articles you want to evidently publish.

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