Struggling to find content for your blog or writing piece, be curious. Curiosity sparks ideas. Curiosity will always lead you to ask why and eventually you will get content to write about. Curiosity challenges your mind, body and soul and soon you will get to see the effects of a curious mind.

Here are ten ways to spark the curious writing genius in you:

  1. Ask Questions

As a child, you asked questions about everything and anything regardless of the context. ‘Why is the sky blue? Where does the rain come from?’ Being inquisitive as a child always sparked the next idea, the next story or the reason why you did something.

Curiosity in writing stems from asking questions. Whatever comes to your mind, good or bad, you should not hesitate to always ask. Questions will always result to an idea for writing a piece and content always builds up.

  1. Be Alert

Watch what goes on around you. From the time you wake up to the moment you go to sleep there are a lot of things that have happened around you or to you. If you are alert, you will notice many things. Write about them.

  1. Do Not Shy Away From Criticism

In the case you have seen or experienced something controversial and want to write about it, don’t not be afraid to channel it into the world. The only person who is stopping you (and the person you could be) is you.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Think

Too many times we do not want to reason and think beyond our set limits. We are afraid of exploring our minds capabilities.

When you begin to think and you are not afraid to do so, you will surprise yourself with the content that will reveal itself to you.

  1. Make A List Everyday

You may have days you do not want to do anything, let alone write. Making a list daily will improve your content. Even on days you don’t want to make a list; draw on your notepad (where you make your lists) or list something irrelevant.

You will get content and ideas for writing when you do this.

  1. Try Something New

When was the last time you did something new?

Being curious requires new learning and trying out new things. However mundane it may seem. You will be surprised by the new content you will have.

  1. Avoid The Comfort Zone

We have become extremely comfortable in our present situations. We are happy and content. When you realize the situation is getting too comfortable, look for something that will challenge you. When you get challenged you, you curiosity and the questions will surge and your writing will also grow.

  1. Practice Patience And Perseverance

Getting results is not instant as you seek to be curious. Devoid yourself of worry just because you are not getting the content that you want. Writing requires patience and the will to wait and stay calm. Response from others is also not as important as you think it is.

Persevering through it all will make your content rich as you grow.

  1. Write

Consistency is key in writing. To ensure your content is always up to the standards, you have to keep writing. Every day if you must. One word or a 10000. Keep writing and never stop. This will guarantee you are always curious in all matters.

  1. Diversify

Being a diverse human being is a good characteristic of a writer. When you are able to write topics from different areas of life, even what you are not pursuing as a career or work occupation, you grow and become well able to undertake any challenge that comes your way.

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