Msamaria Mwema, Social Media, Social media for social good

We partnered with Msamaria Mwema Initiative to train a team from The Automobile Association of Kenya (AA Kenya) and St. John Ambulance digital literacy skills under the theme “Social media for Social Good” on July 5th 2016 at the St. John Ambulance Headquarters in Nairobi.

The Automobile Association of Kenya (AA Kenya) and St. John Ambulance Kenya in association with Matatu Owners Association and National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) have undertaken a project dubbed “Msamaria Mwema Initiative” to train Matatu drivers on first aid skills and equip them for fast response to emergency situations on the road using digital communication skills. The initiative is funded by Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) that safeguards the rights and promotes the interests of motorists worldwide.

Bloggers Maryana Munyendo of “Simba-Safe Kenya” and Stephen Siloma of “Siloma Says” facilitated vibrant and interactive sessions. Participants scrutinized the Social Media platforms on the Kenyan scene and explored several ways that they can be used for social impact or social good. Kenyan case studies like Jadudi, Ma3Route and Janet Ikua Kanini brought out the power of Kenyans on social media in sharing information to help each other. The powerful take-home lesson for the day was prudence in sharing information. Participants agreed to set the pace in culture change and share lifesaving information instead of taking photos of the wounded and casualties and posting on social media.

The Road Safety Campaign for PSV-Matatu drivers seeks to enhance quick response to reduce post-crash fatalities along the Northern Corridor (from Mombasa to Malaba) by training participants on basic life skills like first aid, drug & substance abuse and defensive driving. So far training sessions have been conducted in areas on Waiyaki Way and Thika Road.

During the launch of the campaign on 26 June 2016, Dr. Fred Matiang’i the Cabinet Secretary, Minister of Education, Science and Technology in Kenya mentioned that “Msamaria Mwema is imparting knowledge and skills that will permanently change the behaviour and attitude of the drivers by turning them into good Samaritans that are capable of not only avoiding accidents but administering first aid during any emergency”.

In Kenya the average response time for ambulances can be affected by a number of factors, notably traffic jams and inaccessible roads. Through the Msamaria Mwema initiative, other PSV-Matatu drivers will be able to administer first aid at the scene of the accident and additionally share alerts on social media until an ambulance arrives.

Msamaria Mwema is Swahili for Good Samaritan. The campaign’s slogan is STOP.ACT.SAVE A LIFE. How can you be a Msamaria Mwema?

1. Follow and subscribe to social media for updates –

Twitter: @MsamariaMwemaRs
Facebook: @MsamariaMwema-Road Safety
Hashtag: #MsamariaMwema

2. Save the St. John Ambulance emergency number 0721225285 on your phone and report any accidents.

Maryana Munyendo is Founder and Lead Trainer at SIMBA-SAFE KENYA; a Personal Safety Education Programme (PSE) that teaches children age-appropriate safety skills necessary to protect themselves in risky situations. She is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and wants to become a good leader for her people. This is tied to her desire to lead, teach and to help others.