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Godfrey Mwampembwa (aka Gaddo) – Chairman and Co-Founder at Buni Media

We are happy to be a part of this month’s #WhatsNext series by Nest. This month Nest have assembled a panel with a mix of senior media executives, innovative entrepreneurs and journalists to discuss what is transforming both the Tech and Media industries and what’s coming next.

The panel discussion scheduled for Wednesday, May 25 from 5:30pm at The Aga Khan Graduate School of Media and Communications will focus on:

  • How digital disruption has affected media.
  • The state of the industry now
  • Progressive solutions
  • Partnerships for the future
  • How to leverage on technology to spur the next wave of innovation in media.

#WhatsNext is all about incredible panelists, insightful discussion, inspiring conversations and impressive networking. It’s an evening of meeting old friends and making new ones – worlds collide here! You absolutely don’t want to miss out.

Following the panel discussion, there will be open mic sessions and time will be allocated at the end of the session for questions from the audience as well. There will also be enough time for drinks and catching up.

Where: The Aga Khan Graduate School of Media and Communications 9 West Building, Mkungu Close. Get directions here

When: Wednesday May 25th from 5pm

Contact person: Caren Kakai, Project Manager at Nest ( +254 702 937 738)

Panel 1: Moderated by Nanjira Sambuli

1. Tom Mshindi – Editor in Chief at Nation Media Group
2. Dennis Itumbi -Dir of Digital & Diaspora Communications at Office of President
3. Owaahh
4. Godfrey Mwampembwa – Chairman and Co-Founder at Buni Media
5. Carole Kimutai – Country Director at

Panel 2: Tech/ New Media Moderated by Mark Kaigwa

1. Tilo Ponder – Founder & CEO What’s Good Studios
2. Trevor Kimenye – CEO of Ongair / BBC News Drop
3. Mista Majani – Founder of Ghafla Kenya
4. Njambi Mungai – Team Leader at Standard Digital
5. Angela Wachuka – Executive Director of Kwani Trust

For more information, visit this link.

Nest, Whats Next, #WhatsNext