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I am still holding your hand in this Video Blogging business – thank me later. So you have seen the benefits of having a video blog, you have the tips for creating a good video and now, I want to give you suggestions on the kind of content you can carry on your vlog. You can now stop scratching your head.

Here is a list of ideas on the kind of content you can carry on your video blog.

1. Interview Videos: Interview videos are very good content for your vlog, especially if it is done with a public figure who people would like to know about. This helps your audience get information that they would not likely get anywhere else. To do the interview, you can place your video camera on a stand to allow both of you to appear in the video or you can opt to stand behind the camera and operate it as you ask the questions and the interviewee answers to the camera

2.’How to’ videos: These videos are important as they are educative and seek to answer a question or solve a problem. Featuring this kind of videos on your blog will make you a voice of authority in matters that you are knowledgeable about. You can always include text in the videos to highlight the important step by step ‘how to’ procedure you are showcasing.

3. Karaoke/lip dub (sync) videos: A karaoke video is purely for:
a) Fun (and laughter) – which is always a good thing
b) Connectivity
c) Discoverability.
If you do a song by a well-known musician, chances are that people searching for that song will stumble upon your video therefore increasing your viewership. These videos are meant for your audience to let loose and take their mind off serious stuff. They tend to get many shares on social media as well.

4. Rant videos: You have a burning issue and you want to share your opinion? Well, fetch your video camera pronto! As you do a rant video make sure that it is;
a) Timely – you cannot be ranting about something that happened last month.
b) Topical – you cannot be ranting about several issues in the same video.
c) Factual – you cannot be ranting about something you have no facts about.
d) Short – keep the rant long and it gets irritating.

5. Pranks: Just like the Karaoke videos, prank videos are simply for laughs. Make sure however that you have the consent of all the people you include in this video before uploading it. The shareability of these videos is high as well.

6. Screencast: These videos contain screenshots and are the kind of videos that would pop up in your search engine if you search for instructions on ‘How to start a blog’ for example. They are meant to be educative, so ensure that you cover a topic as conclusively as possible. You could give your audience the prompt to ask follow-up questions under the comments section to ensure that the topic you choose to cover is done so conclusively.

7. Event coverage videos: Now here is the part where you play the Blogger meets News/Events Reporter. You are the informer to people who would have loved to attend an event but were unable to, for one reason or another. While creating an event coverage video, try to break it into segments to keep the videos short. Also try to give different unique angles of the event – ones that would not be too obvious to others who attended the event.

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