Delayed Voting Phase Launch, Kenyan Blog Awards 2016

Today being the 2nd of March, we know that you are all waiting expectantly to know the nominated blogs that made it to the voting phase.

We however wish to beg your indulgence as this has been delayed due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.

In the most engaging phase in the Kenyan Blog Awards history, we have seen the submission of 4, 899 blogs into the awards. This is a steep climb from the 1,800 blogs that were submitted in last year’s awards and makes it the highest number of submissions received since the inception of Kenyan Blog Awards in 2012.

The voting phase will serve as the final leg of the awards that will culminate in the announcement of the winner in a gala event on 7th May, 2016.

We are working around the clock to ensure that the launch of the voting phase is not delayed any more than it is already.

We extend our apologies and thank you for your understanding.

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