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As a blogger, you must know by now that the work you publish on your blog is your Intellectual Property, and as such, it is protected by law.

Intellectual Property is defined as creations of the mind which include inventions, artistic and literary works, designs, symbols, names and images used in commerce. Intellectual Property Rights allow a creator or innovator to benefit from their creations.

Come Saturday 12th March 2016, we will hold a training on Intellectual Property aimed at educating bloggers about the basic fundamentals of IP law. This training is driven by the understanding that every individual, let alone blogger, should understand the basics of IP law, IP rights, and how they work.

The areas to be covered include:

1. General introduction to Intellectual Property Law
2. Relevant IP Regimes for Bloggers
3. How to identify the nature of your IP
4. Practical steps to protect your IP
5. How to deal with co-existing IP
6. Online Infringement – Practical solutions
7. When Blogging turns criminal: Protecting your self from Libel.
8. Commercial opportunities for bloggers

There is a lot of opportunity in content creation that bloggers are unaware of. Such opportunities can only be adequately seized if bloggers appreciate IP and actively protect it while carrying out professional transactions.

This training will target bloggers with the aim of:
• Helping them understand the basic fundamentals of Intellectual Property law
• Showing them the relevance of IP to their blogging activities.
• Broadening their horizons to commercialization opportunities provided by their blogs.
• Bringing to the fore, the various forms of commercial engagements that a blogger can enter into.
• Showing how blogs can be found criminally liable and how to protect themselves from such liability.

This training will be conducted by Liz Lenjo, an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and partner at Kikao Law.

IP Training, When blogging turns criminal, how to protect yourself from libel

Liz Lenjo, High Court of Kenya Advocate, Partner at Kikao Law – Lenjo, Ndirangu, Ochwada & Associates Advocates.

Ms. Lenjo has an LL.B (Hons) from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and Postgraduate Diploma from Kenya School of Law. Having studied with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Summer School Program on Intellectual Property Management and Technology transfer, Ms. Lenjo has curved a niche for herself in Intellectual Property, Entertainment and Media Law. She has acquired a reputation as a successful negotiator and mediator in Intellectual Property disputes.




The training is free and will take place from 9am to 1pm at Nailab, Bishop Magua Centre on Ngong Road. Prior registration is however required, so click here to register.

Event: Intellectual Property Training
Venue: Nailab, 4th floor, Bishop Magua Centre, Ngong Rd
Date: Saturday, 12th March 2016
Time: 9am to 1pm

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