Video Blogging

Video blogging continues to gain traction as more bloggers are including videos on their blogs than ever before.

Video blogging (or Vlogging) is basically blogging that, instead of sharing content on the blog via text or audio, shares content using videos. Anyone who ventures into vlogging should understand that it involves twice the work required to put up a regular blog post as it involves some filming, editing, finding suitable location etc.

Given all that goes into it, why would someone prefer to run a video blog? Well, some of the strong points that could easily sway you the video blog way include:

1. It will give you the added advantage of being able to connect with your audience since the essence of it is that you talk directly to them.

2. Videos will always capture features and emotions that could sometimes be lost in text and thereby reducing the risk of misinterpretation. E.g. if you are kidding, the expression in your face and the tone of your voice says it, unlike written content where you might sometimes have to explain that whatever you wrote was just in jest and was not to be taken seriously.

3. People are visual. And your audience will therefore love to watch video. Compared to reading, more people would rather watch a video – at least when data bundles allow it.

4. Some bloggers express themselves better through writing, while others do so through speaking.  You could be one of the latter bloggers. Video blogging is a very good platform for those who are eloquent in speech and want to showcase this strength.

5. Videos are great for tutorials. So when your content requires you to give a step by step tutorial this will be a more effective form of blogging.

6. Videos are great for sharing. Compared to written content, videos tend to get more shares and this therefore translate to more visibility of your blog

7.When people can put a face to the blogger, there is developed level of trust between the blogger and their audience.

Keep it here for tips on how to run a Video blog.

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