Kenyan Blog Awards Launch

L-R: Magunga Williams (Kenyan Blog Awards Nominee 2014, 2015), Rachel Muthoni (Kenyan Blog Awards Winner 2014), Nanjira Sambuli (Research Lead – iHub Research), Kennedy Kachwanya (Chairman – BAKE)

When we launched this years’ Kenyan Blog Awards on the morning of 8th January, we subsequently opened the submission phase of the awards where Kenyans were expected to submit their personal blogs, or any other Kenyan blogs of interest into the awards.

We currently have a whopping 4,350 blog submissions so far, and counting. This is by far the highest number compared to the submissions we have had in previous years since the start of the awards in 2012, an indication that blogging keeps growing by the years.

As the clock ticks towards the end of the submission phase which ends today, 10th February, we hope to have as many blogs represented in the awards as possible. This is a call out for you to submit your favourite blog during this last leg of the submission phase to ensure that a blog you love, or run is not left behind.

Until the allocated timeline elapses, we continue to receive your submissions in the following 18 categories:

1. Best Technology Blog
2. Best Photography Blog
3. Best Creative Writing Blog
4. Best Business Blog
5. Best Food Blog
6. Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog
7. Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog
8. Best Political Blog
9. Best New Blog
10. Best Corporate Blog
11. Best Topical Blog
12. Best Sports Blog
13. Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog
14. Best Education Blog
15. Best Travel Blog
16. Best Health Blog
17. Best County Blog
18. Best Religious/Spiritual Blog

The 19th category; Kenyan Blog of the year, will be selected by the judges.

After the submission phase, we will enter the judging phase from 11th to 28th February where judges will go through the submitted blogs and select the best 5 in each category. These selected/nominated blogs will then be released to the public and the ballot opened for online voting to take place between March 2nd and April 30th.

By tallying the votes at the end of the voting period, we will be able to determine the blogs with the highest vote in each category and announce the winners in a gala event to be held on 7th May.

If there is a blog that you would want to be recognized and awarded, here is the chance to do so. Submit that blog here.