Everybody wants to be an influencer on Twitter. Twitter Influencers are people who have a huge following. Corporates nowadays are using influencers to push their messages online.

The challenge with the influencer journey is the fluctuating nature of twitter. It is so easy to get unfollowed than follows. The following are a few tips to increase and maintain your followers.

What’s on your bio? Twitter bios help people connect with persons who interest them. You should include brief focus words that define who you are and probably a link to your blog or website.

Stop being an egg head– People on twitter as any other platform, relate to real people. A headshot would do for a personal account. Corporate twitter accounts should have an image representing your brand.

What’s in your cover? Cover photos help spruce up your twitter profile. They can be more detailed depicting your brand. A writer for example, you can put a picture sampling some of your books. Motivational speakers may use a photo of them giving a speech. Use good quality photos, because they represent your brand.

Post engaging content-  This will keep your followers coming to your profile for information. To achieve this, your tweets should have links to other sources. Of course the sources should be aligned to your key messages. You can share links to your blog posts or your website.

Share other people’s content- Twitter is a community, and just like any other, a person who cares for others is an interesting person to follow. Credit your sources by mentioning their twitter handles. Who knows, you might credit an influencer on twitter and gain a few followers.

Avoid unnecessary fights- People get unfollowed due to picking fights. People don’t want to associate themselves with pettiness.

Contribute to hashtags- Follow hashtags that interest you and give your thoughts. Tweets with hashtags have a higher chance of getting a greater audience. Do not overdo it though. Some people take advantage of hashtags by using all the trending hashtags together. This is a put-off that would earn you some unfollowing.

Don’t be offensive– I don’t dispute that some light moments are worth capturing. Know your audience and post content that will not offend them. Unless you are an account solely dedicated to messaging of that nature, it would not do you good to tweet offensive stuff.

Participate in discussions- Twitter conversations are good, they enable you to engage with other influencers. You get mentions and as a result, there’s a possibility of gaining a few followers.

Retweet others- Retweets are good but they should not be overdone. They are one of the things you do on twitter to show you like the tweet. You should add your own thoughts on some of the retweets so you don’t appear as a person who lacks originality. If other influencers retweet you, it gives your tweet a greater visibility. Someone might just follow you.

Reply to mentions- This is one of the etiquettes on social media. It shows that you recognize the mention and appreciate it.

Always remember that everything should be done in moderation. Otherwise it might produce the contrary effect- get you unfollowed. Remember the same rules that operate offline also do online.

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