Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to post videos and photos in real time. This platform has steadily gained traction especially among the youth to become the preferred social media network.

There are some bad habits that Instagram users fall into and I would like to highlight some of them:

Posting bad photos.
Make sure that photos that make it to your Instagram account are the best of the pack. That means that they are not blurry, they have good lighting and are not awkward. It is not flattering to have bad images splattered all over your Instagram account.

Posting similar photos
Never shy away from making a choice from a collection of photos. Choose carefully so that you upload only the best photos and so that you avoid posting similar photos that are slight variations of each other.

Too many selfies.
There is nothing wrong with selfies. But we must admit that sometimes, when we start to take them, we find it hard to stop. You need to pace yourself. Your Instagram page is not a photo album and we are in the 21st century. Too many selfies will spoil your Instagram page with monotony so learn to pace your photos with different varieties.

Overzealous Captioning
The caption you put alongside a photo should not read like an essay – you have your blog for that. Make it short, sweet and interesting. Also, go easy on the hashtags.

Too much food, too much information.
A picture or two of good food, is fine. A shot of you in bed or from the shower once in a while is fine. But flooding your Instagram page with shots of your breakfast, lunch and dinner (however delicious) is taking it too far. These photos are not something your followers want to see all the time.

Insta- is for Instant
Instagram is a platform to post videos and photos as close to real time moments as possible. Waiting to post photos of an event that you attended yesterday today, beats the purpose of Instagram. If you send it much later (which can be excused once in a while) indicate that it’s a #Latergram. Do the same for throwback photos by including #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT– and make sure that the photo is indeed a throwback.

We all have committed these and many more sins while using Instagram so it is not really something to stress about. But as you have fun with Instagram, remember that heeding these pointers could be what saves you from being unfollowed.

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