Every year for the last five years, we get on this journey of the Kenyan Blog Awards. As a result, we get lots of questions from people interested in participating in the awards. This is why we compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to them.

  1. How do I tell what category my blog falls under?
    There are 19 categories that blogs fall under in the awards. The categories classify blogs according to the topics which they tackle. The categories are here for you to decide where your blog lies.
  2. How can I submit my blog?
    You have to visit the submission page to be able to submit the blogs you feel deserve to be in the competition. Ensure you adhere to the timeline, because late submissions will not be considered.
  3. How many times can I submit?
    Once is enough to have your blog compete in the awards. After you decide which category your blog is, you can submit it under that category. It does not help a blogger if their blog is submitted in more than one category.Even if you want to nominate your blog, there are 18 more categories to submit. It would help to make a list of the categories and blogs you would like to submit under each. You can only submit one blog per category.
  4. When will I be nominated?
    The nomination phase starts immediately after the submission phase. We will have a team of judges pick out the best five blogs in each category. The panel of judges consist of bloggers and media experts, who will be announced at the start of the phase. The nomination phase starts on 11th– 28th February, 2016. Thereafter, online voting will be opened to the public. Here’s the timeline of the awards.
  5. What do judges look for in the submitted blogs?
    Judges look at the relevance of content, consistency in posting, language use, writing style and marketing when coming up with the short list.
  6. Does one need to be self-hosted to qualify?
    This is not a requirement for blogs to participate in the awards. There has been a history of blogs that were not self-hosted wining the BAKE awards. There are many blogs with great content yet they are not yet self-hosted.
  7. Do I have to be a member of BAKE to be eligible for the competition?
    The awards are open to any Kenyan blog. One does not have to be a BAKE member to participate. See the rules here.
  8. Do blogs that have won previously qualify for the awards?
    Kenyan Blog Awards is an equal, competitive platform that seeks to award the best Kenyan blogs. This is regardless of whether they performed in previous awards. That is why we have had recurrent winners over the years.

Now that you are familiar with the process, we hope you will make an informed choice in your submissions.

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