Digital Camp Road Trip 101

There are those who fall asleep as soon as they are strapped onto their seats for a road trip – where is the fun in these guys really? Then there are those who take this chance to finish reading a book they’ve been struggling to finish but have not got round to doing it. Still there are others who prefer to plug in their earphones and listen to some music or go online and spend some time on social media.

Digital Camp Kenya 2015 is days away and the first bonding activity for the camp will happen right from the moment we all meet on Friday 6th, morning for the road trip from Nairobi to Naivasha.

Before we strap ourselves in for the journey, I suggest you carry the following items with you as they will come in handy not just during the road trip, but also for the entire duration of the Digital Camp:

1. Snacks:
Are you one to pull a sad face when you get hungry? We don’t want that. Be sure to fetch something to nibble on while on the road to keep the hunger pangs away. We need you to stay well fed during this trip.

2. Water: You have to stay hydrated. A litre of water should be enough to keep you hydrated throughout the journey from Nairobi to Naivasha, so arm yourself with one.

3. Toiletries: Some lotion for your hands ladies? Some serviettes for that mustard spillage as you bite into your sandwich (or whichever snack you carried)? Some toilet paper perhaps – hey, you are never assured of anything in those stop-over public toilets. Naivasha is barely two hours away but you never know…you will be eating and drinking…your tummy might not behave so well. Toilet paper is important.

Once at the camp, we will be sleeping in tents so also carry soap, toothpaste, face towels, slippers, mosquito repellants etc. Anything to make your camping experience all the more comfortable. It never hurts to have everything you need with you so that your comfort will not lie with the establishment’s ability to meet your needs.

4. Camera: I’d like to believe that you want to carry the memories of Digital Camp Kenya with you long after it is gone. You will need to stock up on photos to upload on your Instagram pages. It will be a crime if you leave your cameras behind. How will people know you attended the Digital Camp at Crayfish? Seriously, watajuaje?

5. Music: Nothing says fun times like good old music on a road trip. Banish the thought that country music is the only kind to listen to while on the road. Spice up your playlist with some rock, some pop, some classic jazz, hey, some bongo and Nigerian music too. The list in endless, all you need to do is lean back, close your eyes and enjoy the trip. And the music!

6. Book: Your book will come in handy when you are tired of the chattering and crave for some quiet time. Good luck having everyone quiet around you though. Unless they all fall asleep then…

7. Medicine:
We will have a basic First Aid kit at your disposal for the duration of the camp, but it is always good to have with you some painkillers handy for that stubborn headache, or some tummy tablets for when your stomach disagrees with something you might eat. If you have a specific allergy or any pre existing medical condition, make sure that you take the necessary precaution to ensure your safety at the campsite.

8. Comfortable outfits:
Carry outfits that will help to make your journey and your camping experience comfortable. Throw in a jacket, a heavy shawl or an extra blanket for when it gets chilly. Ladies, this might not be the best time for the high heeled shoes, but just carry a pair of flat shoes if you and your heels are inseparable.

9. A flashlight: Even with electricity, there is something about having your own small source of light to light up whenever you feel like it. It makes you feel in control, don’t you agree? Carry one then.

10. Powerbank: You are part of the Digital community. I get that your mobile phone is an important part of your life. I will therefore be preaching to the choir if I go into details on why you might want to keep your mobile phone charged at all times so I won’t get into that. Just carry your powerbank, will you?

11. Fun Game ideas: Bring along your playful side. Suggest games that we can play on the trip, at the camp site and during the digital camp session breaks to shift our minds from the serious stuff. You are a fun people, we trust you can come up with some dope ideas, so go on.

12. Your fun side:
Leave your grumpy irritable self at home (or at your workplace hehe) and come ready to have fun, not just on the trip to Naivasha but throughout the duration of the Digital Camp. Be prepared to mingle and interact with everybody else who will be coming for this trip. We all form one community after all; the Digital Community of Kenya.

Tell me, have I forgotten anything, anything at all?

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