How to run a fabulous fashion blog

Do not expect blogging to be comparable to a breezy walk in the park. Especially if you are venturing into fashion blogging – it is not easy.

Be that as it may, I want to share with you tips that will help make yours a fabulous fashion blog:

Make it Different

Fashion blogs are huge at the moment with so many bloggers venturing into this category of blogging. What therefore, sets your blog apart from all the fashion blogs out there?  Out of the many fashion blogs that are cropping up each day, how will yours be different? Once you find the answer to that question, you will be well on your way to creating a fabulous fashion blog.

Make it Good

Many fashion bloggers mistakenly think that since their blog relies more on images than text, that they can get away with crappy writing. The idea of running a fashion blog is not to post a photo and tell us what you’re wearing. That is so not the point. You have to go one step further and create a good story to go with your images. Make it good.

Make it Count
The blog is not about you even if your face will feature mostly in it. The blog is about your readers. How does it help them? If it does not help them in any way, then it will result in you having a monologue. For your blog to rope in your readers, it has to be about them. You need to reach out of your comfort zone and explore what might work and what might not work. Make every post relevant to your readers. Make it count and you’ll earn yourself a loyal following.

Make it Quality
Fashion blogging is mostly about the images. A compromise on the quality of the images means a compromise on everything on your blog. You might get away with writing poorly (but only for so long) but you will never get away with putting up poor quality images that are an eyesore to your readers. A good camera and photographer are something worth investing in when you venture into fashion blogging.

Make it Beautiful
A beautiful blog will have the perfect theme with the right colours and the right (proportional) image sizes to give the perfect outlook. What’s more; it is functional enough to load images fast.

Make it Personal

For you to hack a fabulous fashion blog, you need to give it a personal touch. It is not about the outfits you showcase; it is about the story behind those outfits. It is not about the beauty product; it is about how you feel after using them. It is not about the hair you don, it is the inspiration behind that specific do. You get the drift, don’t you?

Running a fashion blog is not easy. It requires dedication, hard work and the ever-relevant eye for detail. Arm yourself with those and you’re bound to have in your hands a fabulous fashion blog.

Are you a fashion blogger? What makes your blog fabulous? Please share!

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