Kenya Art Fair

The Kenya Art Fair is an annual event held in the month of November and lasts for three days. This year, it runs from the 13th -15th of November and will be held at the Sarit Centre Exhibition Hall. The fair accommodates approximately 25-30 galleries, art spaces, art institutions and individual master artists ensuring quality and excellence while providing opportunities for sales and networking.

We are partnering with Kuona Trust in this event that attracts a wide audience, creating a platform for dialogue and exchange, that is aimed to reach beyond the realm of the arts. The Fair spearheads a diverse ‘Art Week’ with various art events happening around the city.

Opening Event
This year the Kenya Art Fair opens its doors on Thursday, 13th November2015, with an invitation-only guest list of 200 collectors, artists, curators, sponsors and stakeholders. The three-day event is open to the public on Friday 14th November and expects to average 5,000 -10 000 visitors over the weekend.

Digital Art Competition

The juried Kenya Art Fair Award goes towards the Digital Art competition which will be presented during the Gala Opening Night. The competition was aimed at introducing, emphasizing and advancing the unique qualities of digital art designs and concepts. It also aimed to attract the attention of digital design distributors and buyers to the winners.

The ‘Art Talk’
This is the educational segment of the Fair that provides a full schedule of daily seminars focused on the Visual arts practice from various stakeholders on everything from really adorable art, creative techniques, government policy and all insider information. All programs are free with admission and will take place in the Seminar Rooms, lasting approximately 1 -2 hours per session.

The Wasanii Exhibition

This is an exciting, curated space which showcases established and emerging artists and curated art projects who have no representation from gallery or art spaces. This particular space is organized by Kuona Trust, Centre for Visual Arts.

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Event: Kenya Art Fair 2015
Dates: 13th – 15th Nov, 2015
Venue: Sarit Centre Exhibition Hall