What if i run out of content

The uncertainty of whether you can sustain a blog for years, has always made people skeptical about starting a blog. I once asked someone why they don’t blog yet they had everything that makes for a good blogger: A strong opinion, distinct voice, expertise in political matters and whatnot. His Facebook updates always ended up in heated discussions online and I felt that he already had an audience – something that most bloggers seek for years.

The answer he gave me made me understand a fear that runs deep. “What if I run out of content?” he asked. He explained that he did not want to start something that would die in a couple of months.

His fears were valid and I realized that if more people asked themselves this important question before starting a blog, then we would have well thought out blogs out there. Blogs whose last post would not date as far as 2013.

To answer his question I have compiled a couple of questions to throw back at him and any other person who wants to start a blog but is unsure if it is sustainable.

Are you passionate about something? anything?
With passion, will come the drive to keep blogging even when you don’t want to. If you are not passionate about anything, it will be hard for you to show up every single day to update your blog. This is especially hard when you will be getting nothing from it for a while.

When you are starting out, you have no stats to write home about and no money will come from it for a while. If you don’t love doing it, it will be very difficult for you to keep doing it. So first sit down, search your heart and find out what you are passionate about – is it cars? Start blogging about cars! Is it fashion? Start blogging about fashion! Is it farming? Start blogging about farming. When nothing else will drive you to work on your blog, your passion will be that fuel.

Are you opinionated?
Do you always have an opinion about something? If yes, then you will hack this blogging thing. If you like to share your opinion about something from time to time, this means that you will always have fodder for your blog. It means that you will use your blog to take a stand and make your opinion known about something. Using a blog to share your opinion with others will help ensure longevity of your blog because as long as you are alive, you will always have an opinion about one thing or the other.

Are you hardworking?
Blogging is hard work so are you willing to forgo a weekend out with friends to just work on your blog when it needs your attention? Will you create time for it? Are you determined to put in the hours and the work it needs? If you are, then you are well on your way to acing this thing.

Are you an authority?
Do people come to you for advice on different subjects? Do they seek you out when they have a problem, big or small? If you are a voice of authority on any matter, be it food to technology that means you already have an audience – they just don’t know it yet. It means that people trust your judgment and your opinion enough to want to hear from you. If this is true for you, then blogging will come easily for you.

Do you feel the need to be heard?
Somewhere deep down, do you have this desire to reach out to someone somewhere and to share your knowledge with them? Do you feel like adding your voice to the masses and making yourself heard? Is there an incessant nudging that keeps you awake at night and will not allow you to sleep well until you are heard? Well, that is a sign right there. You should start a blog. And when you start the blog, it will give you a platform to reach those you need to share your knowledge with.

If you answer yes to, not necessarily all but, most of the above questions, then chances are you will not run out of content. Stop second-guessing yourself and get right to blogging. What if you run out of content? While that is a valid fear, it is a fear like any other and can be faced and conquered.

If you are new to blogging,  share with us about your blogging journey so far in the comments section below.