All parents know that a responsible child is a source of pride in one’s family. What really makes a good child is their ability to conduct themselves responsibly be it in academics, socially or character wise.  In the home, the best way to bring up a responsible child is by training them on how to handle house chores. Usually as a child begins to go past toddler stage, they become excited about helping out with work. However, that might not last for too long as they begin to realize that work is not exactly as exciting. We however can’t just let them keep that mentality because reality is that we all must work if we are to be valued in society.

There are a number of ways to get your child interested in working. First you must stop assuming that they are still too young to start working. We grow into responsibility and the sooner we begin, the
better. Start them up with little chores like keeping their toys when they are done playing, helping you by rinsing their toys as you wash them and ensuring that they leave where they play from a bit organized.

The best way to get them started is to actually do it as they watch then do it with them and then slowly have them do it on their own. Usually when doing it with them they will ask lots of questions,
answer them satisfactorily. You can also cleverly sing some songs with them as you work so that they find the process more enticing.

If you realize that they prefer certain chores to others, sit down with them, write down the chores and have them choose the ones they would love to do. This will make them feel accountable for whatever
they choose. Over the holidays, my son who wanted to be bought for a watch, wrote down his own list of chores that he would do to earn some money. He called it a contract and signed it and made me sign it so he could hold me to it. For every, chore he did on the list, we would tick off and I would write an amount that he would gain from it. By the end of the holiday he had accumulated 100 bob for the chores he did.

As they begin to work, do not insist on perfection. On the contrary get into a praising habit that will encourage them and help them to believe in their ability to do more while also helping you avoid being the kind of parent that must nag and shout to get anything done.

Be consistent in the training. It is the only way to get the message stuck in their minds. Let them do their chores each time that chore comes up and that way they will learn that if they didn’t do it then
probably it wouldn’t get done.

Also be specific. Do not say things like, ‘I want that room cleaned’ go down to the details and say ‘keep your toys back into the toy shelf’

When telling stories, tell them stories that encourage working. Tell them stories that show the benefits of working. That will help them relate work with great profits for life.

Lastly, when you fall back a bit do not feel shy to start off again. It takes commitment to cultivate a work culture both in children and grown ups alike so keep encouraging them to their chores as they grow and they will eventually learn do to it on their own.