Teens Online safety workshop

Saturday August 22, we held the inaugural Teens online safety workshop which was attended by teens and parents. The workshop was structured in two separate sessions, one for parents and the other for the teenagers aged 13-19.

The trainers and panelists at the workshop were:

Njeri Wangari who is our  Director of Training and outreach. She runs a mummy blog at She was handling the Parents session.

Magunga Williams blogs at He handled the session with the teens  session. Because he appeals to a youthful audience, he was able to connect with the teens.

James Wamathai co-facilitated the teens session with Magunga. Wamathai is a lifestyle blogger at

Philip Ogola, the Digital Humanitarian, he is a Digital Media consultant for the UNHCR and the African Digital Footprint ambassador. He had a session with the teens and was part of the panel during the joint session that was held in the afternoon. He offers talks to students in high schools and colleges responsible internet use.

Victor Kiyapi, is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya practicing in the Kenyan Bar. He has over five years’ experience in legal practice and has a keen interest in the interface between development, governance, human rights and technology. He was part of the joint panel discussion.

The workshop which was interactive generated lots of conversations on teens online safety. The discussions were under the hashtag, #TeensOnline. Here are samples of the tweets.

@BAKE_ke Personally I was reporting and blocking anyone who was sharing those photos, it was NOT fair to the lil girl at all #TeensOnline

— TMwangemi (@TeeMwangemi) August 22, 2015

Among the participants at the workshop was Fred Kiiru, Authour of What Kills Students and motivational Speaker to high school students. “I have gained a wealth of knowledge to add to my talks to students, thanks to the teens Online workshop”, he said.

This was an eye opener to both the teens and their parents as they were informed on internet apps, cyber bullying, digital footprints and responsible internet use. There were also lots of educative videos on the themes covered that the participants watched.

The #TeensOnline conversations continued on to Monday as Citizen TV’s Monday Special discussion topic was Children and Technology.

Online safety cannot be over emphasized, especially when it comes to teenagers who are oblivious of the dangers they expose themselves to. This is why we look forward to the December holidays to organize a similar camp. Until then, make sure you are safe online.