Kenya Monit

Kenya Monitor – our Citizen Journalism online publication – seeks to employ a Nairobi County Editor.

Title Position

The Title Position shall be ‘Nairobi County Editor’

If you have the following qualifications or know someone who does, then get in touch with us through the contacts provided at the bottom of this call for application.


– Be a blogger and/or have a clear understanding of Blogging, Social Media and Citizen Journalism
– Have a passion for alternative media and the role of blogs & Social media play as alternative news sources
– Demonstrate a clear understanding and passion for the chosen county to edit on.
– 1 year experience in editing for an online or print publication will be an added advantage
– Multi-lingual (knowledge and competence in editing in English & Kiswahili)
– Possess Leadership & management skills required to manage contributors
– Have an active presence on Social Media
– Demonstrate knowledge of current affairs in county and topics of specialization
– Demonstrate a clear knowledge of the existing bloggers and online content creators in your field and/or region of expertise.


– Identify and recruit new contributors who exhibit passion and knowledge of the topic/region through their blogs and/or online conversations.

– Manage and co-ordinate contributors for a given topic and region

– Collection of articles according to set deadlines

– Meet the weekly and monthly articles publication threshold

– Fact check and verification for news stories

– Editing all articles prior to publishing

– Publication of all articles to the Kenya Monitor website

– Follow leads to stories and news in the given topic or region and assign contributors for coverage in a timely manner.

– Create additional content to meet the monthly threshold of at least 25 posts per month

– Curate posts based on opinions and/or articles written by various bloggers on the topics featured on Kenya Monitor

– Prepare weekly progress reports

– Attend all monthly meetings

– Report to the Kenya Monitor Managing Editor and Project Lead.

 If interested, send the following information;- Your resume complete with links to your twitter, Facebook and Linkedin handles as well as links to previously published articles online to:- 

All applications should reach us on or before 8th September, 2015

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