Teens Holiday Training Workshop

When we sit down to create content online, rarely do we think of the young adults and the children who now have the ability to access the information.

When we purchase mobile phones that have internet access for our teenagers, rarely do we take the time to guide them on how to navigate the online space. We fail to educate them on the glaring risks of encountering Cyber bullies, internet trolls and even stumbling upon pornographic sites.

It is in an effort to caution teenagers and their parents against this dark side of the internet that we are holding a Teens Holiday Workshop that targets teenagers aged between 15 – 20 years old and their parents. The workshop will focus on online safety and the benefits of joining helpful online communities, using the internet to find job opportunities while being cautious of the risks that come with disclosing too much personal information. We will shed light on the negative effects of joining the wrong forums and the general evils that come with the anonymity the internet provides.

Without this vital information, our young adults are left to navigate the internet blindly. It can get scary, morally degrading and even fatal. Remember the Amanda Todd suicide where a 15 year old girl from British Colombia, Canada, killed herself after being blackmailed into exposing parts of her body, and subsequently being bullied and trolled by her peers online?

To alleviate such incidences, the Communication Authority of Kenya recently launched the Child Online Protection Campaign dubbed ‘Be The Cop’, which will see the deliberate and concerted effort to champion the safety of children in the Kenyan online space.

The Teens Holiday workshop aims to fight online evils with the full participation of the parents, in the hope that parents will henceforth be propelled to guide and monitor their tech-savvy children.

Teenagers and their parents alike will also be trained on the use of blogs and social media platforms. They will get an opportunity to hear expert speakers, victims and role models in a panel discussion that shall form part of the day’s program.

We invite you and your teenagers to attend. Though the training is free, there is limited space and consideration will be on a first come, first served basis.


Njeri Wangari

James Wamathai

Magunga Williams

Philip Ogola 

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Grace Githaiga – Associate of the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet).

Victor Kiyapi – Advocate of the High Court of Kenya practicing in the Kenyan Bar.

When: 22nd August 2015

Time: 8.30am to 1pm

Where: The Nailab, Bishop Magua Center, Ngong Road, Nairobi