9 Tips For Your About Us Page

An ‘About Us’ page is the perfect place to showcase what your blog is about. You should endeavor to use this page to rope in your treasured audience and keep them interested in what you have to offer for a long time after their first visit. Here are tips on what your ‘About Us’ page should be about:

1. Your audience:
Here is one thing we should get out of the way right from the beginning: Your ‘About Us’ page is not about you. It is about your readers. You will do well to tell your audience about your blog, and even better to tell them what your blog has to do with them. Forget about who you are, and focus on who you are to your audience.

2. Personality:
The more ‘human’ you sound, the easier it is to connect with your readers. Even without using videos, you can use your writing voice to give a glimpse of your personality to your audience. People connect with situations they can relate with so do not sound detached in your ‘About Us’ page. Share personal information, challenges or any other information that you might deem relevant. Demonstrate how that has contributed to making your blog what it is at the moment.

3. Relevance:
Avoid the temptation to rumble on about every single achievement, or every aspect of your life. Keep reminding yourself that this page is not about you and focus only on the areas of your life that are of relevance to your audience.

4. Productivity:
What do you hope to achieve from your audience? Which of your readers’ needs do you hope to meet? Make your intentions known from the beginning.A call to action will aid you in this. Do you want them to leave a comment? Spare some time to give feedback? Do you hope that they will send you an email should they have any inquiries? Subscribe to your posts perhaps? Tell them then!

5. Interaction:
An ‘About Us’ page is a shell if it does not contain your contacts. This is especially true if yours is a business. Make sure to include your physical location and address. It will help to connect with your audience on social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn or any other social media platforms that you own.

6. Intrigue:
If you are boring, nobody will be interested in you. That is the absolute reality. There is a lot of interesting content that keeps your audience occupied online and for yours to compete, it has to be equally interesting. A boring ‘About Us’ page denies your readers the impetus to stay interested in you.

7. Updates:
Update your ‘About Us’ page frequently to make it more accurate. An ‘About Us’ page that is not updated will only help to misrepresent you. An updated page gives a real picture of you now, and not where you were a while back. It is also an indication of growth and growth always comes with credibility.

8. Honesty:
Your ‘About Us’ page is a reflection of you. Make it a true reflection. Ensure that the information you provide in this page is accurate and incontestable.

9. Brevity:
Brevity while structuring your ‘About Us’ page requires a lot of skill. While you have to keep the information to the bare minimum, you also need to make sure that none of the important information is left out. Can you include everything important and still end up with an incisive page? This balance is the difference between a good ‘About Us’ page and a bad one.

The best thing about this page is that if you are not sure whether it has achieved what you intended for it to achieve, you can always work on it and improve it until you have your perfect page. The worst thing you can ever do however, is opt not to have an ‘About Us’ page on your blog altogether.

If you feel that your ‘About Us’ page needs a little more work, I suggest you start working on it now.

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