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We will agree that the platforms afforded us by technology like blogging and social media have bypassed the gatekeepers in media and politics and we’re not in the past scenario where people depended only on mainstream media for news. Bloggers and social media enthusiasts are now taking the front row in bringing out issues in the country. There is an evident need for bloggers to learn about blogging. A good number of Kenyans are increasingly taking up blogging and while many are interested in pursuing it, few have the skills needed to enable them excel in it.

It is in light of this that we have undertaken to conduct trainings in various counties and this past weekend we were in Mombasa. The training took place at the American Corner of Mewa Library. For a Thursday afternoon, the turnout was very impressive and the trainees were very enthusiastic and involved throughout. It was clear that Mombasa has been ready for this training for a long time! The training which kicked off in the early afternoon was in two parts, and Njeri Wangari took part one to teach about blogging and social media. She covered basics of blogging and social media, personal branding online, writing skills and readership, social media ethics as well as understanding copyright.

Part two of the training was we had James Wamathai take the audience through social media and devolution. The people were trained on how they can get involved in county matters by first of all knowing how active their devolved Government is in social media matters, and then engaging and airing their views respectfully. James Wamathai covered using blogs and social media for social audit and county affairs, as well as blogging on development on county affairs.

Mombasa was very receptive and we certainly look forward to going back for deeper training there. Our trainings are usually to be found on twitter under the hashtag #BAKETraining