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People change, things change, ideas change and yes, even marketing strategies change. It is therefore foolhardy to stick to traditional ways that do not yield results anymore. Changes happen in order to improve what already exists and to incorporate new ideas into a system that could use a new lease of life.

The marketing arena has changed as well. Days are long gone when marketing was about convincing people to buy your product after lecturing them on how good your product is. Marketing in this day and age is about familiarizing consumers with your product. You empower your consumers when you share information with them, hoping that from the information given, they will have a reason to choose your product.

Airtel Kenya understands that their consumers are now ardent users of the mobile phone, tablet, Ipad or desktop. Digital marketing is therefore a necessity. With digital marketing comes content marketing. A company that wants to remain relevant has to embrace new marketing strategies.

This concept was the essence of the meet up between the Airtel team and the bloggers at the Nailab on Thursday 30th July, from 5pm to 8pm. During the session, Airtel Kenya discussed its new blog Airtel Hadithi which was launched recently. Airtel Hadithi will feature inspirational stories and out-of-the-box concepts.

The panel during the launch consisted of Kennedy Kachwanya – the Chairman of Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE), Levy Nyakundi – the Airtel Marketing Director, Muthoni Maingi -the Airtel Digital Manager and Chris Bitti – the CEO of Blu Flamingo.

With the launch of Airtel Hadithi, Airtel will work with quality content producers online in a bid to ‘meet with’ and engage their customers. The blog will focus on content in these key areas:

-Great upcoming music talent

-Innovative ideas around technology

-Young, fresh and successful Kenyans making it in business

If you are a blogger interested in taking part in this venture, send at least 3 written samples, your contact details and rate card to Same applies for inquiries and clarifications as well.

These are some of the tweets that were shared under the hashtag #AirtelHadithi