Attendees at the Nyeri Training

Attendees at a past Nyeri Training


Last month, the 13th of June, we visited Nyeri town to conduct training on The Law and Internet in Kenya. The residents of Nyeri, comprising mainly of youths, came in large numbers to attend the training which was held at the Batian Hotel. They got to learn about intellectual property rights, defamation, privacy, confidentiality, the Constitution among other related topics.

We intend to once again, hold a training session on The Law and Internet in Kenya, but this time in Nakuru. This month’s training is also in collaboration with Mr. Mugambi Laibuta who is the team leader of Mugambi Laibuta & Associates, and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. He is full of experience in legal research and project management. A lecturer at the Kenya School of Law, he has academic and practical expertise in constitutional review, design and implementation.

The training will be done by both Mugambi Laibuta and Riva Jalipa. Riva is a legal officer at Article 19 involved in legal research, analysis, legislative drafting and advocacy on right to information and freedom of expression in East and Horn of Africa.

The training is set for Saturday, the 25th July, 2015 at the American Corner of The Kenya National Library Service, Nakuru.

The session aims to shed light on the correlation between the Internet, the Law and the State. The following topics will be covered:

• The Legal system
• Defamation
• Criminal Law Process
• Communication Laws
• Privacy
• Confidentiality
• Intellectual Property
• Consumer Law
• Social Media Policies.

The Law and Internet in Kenya training is part of iFreedoms Kenya, an initiative that falls under Kenya Monitor – a citizen journalism arm of BAKE.

Date: 25th July, 2015
Venue: American Corner, The Kenya National Library Service, Nakuru.
Time: 8.30am to 2.00pm