Image from AfricaHackon

Image from AfricaHackon

Cyber Security is increasingly becoming a key component of the strategy of organizations in the country and globally. We have therefore partnered with the AfricaHackon, for their upcoming conference on Cyber Security and emerging trends, which will take place on the 31st July at the iHub, Nairobi.

Africahackon is East Africa’s premier technical computer security forum which brings together the individual talents of the best and brightest security professionals in the region. Similar conferences have been held by hackers. These include Defcon, Blackhat, Derbycon, Hack Miami and several others. The event seeks to emulate those hacker conferences that happen around the world. The difference is that they are meeting with the agenda of Cyber Security.

Gone are the days when cyber security was relegated to the IT department as a by the way task. Today organizations are desperately looking for talented information security managers and chief information security officers.

This event is a one day conference featuring a full range of defensive and offensive security topics focusing on the practical and tactical angle of the art, alongside a CTF challenge. The conference brings together brilliant and profoundly experienced minds together to learn and exchange ideas on how to tackle the significant challenges in this fast growing industry. It provides a platform for anyone interested in the field to not only interact with professionals in field but also obtain insight on emerging trends, threats and tactics.

Everyone in this age of information overload needs to be informed on the trends of Cyber security. There will be presentations of papers by experts and discussions on the topic. AfricaHackon is a conference with real demonstrations, to educate the community and to grow the industry by engaging all parties in the country and Africa as a whole.

The conference is not meant only for hackers, or tech gurus. Anyone with an appreciation and fascination with information systems, gadgets can also attend and be enlightened. To register for the conference which will be at iHub, 4th Bishop Magua Center, Nairobi, find tickets here going for Ksh. 1,500 only. We hope to meet and interact with you there.