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This post is meant to help you choose a Blog name which, to be clear, is different from a Domain name. For guidelines on choosing Domain names, please refer to this article we did a while back.

That said; choosing a name for your blog is equally as important as choosing a domain name and serious consideration should be put into it. Just like the domain name, the blog name will contribute to your blog’s visibility and assist in generating traffic to your blog.

Having set up your domain, you will probably rack your brains for an appropriate name for your blog. As you sit down (and probably scratch your head a few times) put into consideration these factors and let them guide you towards settling on a good name for your blog:

Do not, for the love of all that is good and holy, be bland. Be interesting! Be creative! Give your blog a name that will make everyone want to visit it, build a home somewhere in it and stay there forever. Calling your blog by your name is not very creative. Giving your blog a title like “Mary’s Blog” will only leave your blog readers feeling meh!

If ever there was a point in your blogging life that you needed to put your creativity cap on, this is where you begin. Blogging in itself requires (nay demands!) your creativity. Prove it by getting the perfect name for your blog.

If you are blogging about motherhood, aligning your name towards the same in a creative way will help readers understand what your blog is about even before they read anything from your blog. Let your niche guide you to an appropriate name.

Blog Domain:
Yes. That domain name again. Your domain name will help determine your blog name. The two should blend, even if it’s in an uncanny way. They should not necessarily be similar, but they should point towards the same thing.

Having a domain name like for example, with a blog name like ‘Biashara Duniani’; is a spectacular way of confusing your blog readers. It is not fair to have people guessing whether your blog is about children or business.

These are the ‘blog years’ so to speak. Many blogs have come up now, more than ever. The trick to staying ahead of the rest is having a blog that sets you apart from the rest. Use your blog name therefore, to give your blog a personal touch. Personalizing the name of your blog will help you maintain a uniqueness that will stay with you in the long run.

Simple fact: People will always visit blogs whose names they can remember. If your blog name is not memorable, you will have to work twice as hard – through content creation and other blogging techniques – to make people remember you. A memorable blog name makes work easier for you.

Do you have more factors of consideration to add? I welcome your valuable ideas and suggestions in the comments section below.

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