CAKArising from the Agreement known as Geneva 06 (GE06 ), Kenya set up a multi-stakeholder national migration task force constituted in March, 2007, comprising of the then Communication Commission of Kenya; CCK (now CA), representatives from the then of Ministry of Information and Communications (now Ministry of ICT)-, Media owners Association (MoA) and the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) to advise the government on a framework for migration so as to meet the international deadline of 17th June, 2015 deadline.

This month (February) has seen the standoff between the African Digital Network (ADN) consortium of Kenya’s 3 major Television Broadcasters namely Nation Media Group, KTN, Royal Media Services and the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) regarding the Digital Migration and the extension of the Analogue signal distribution.

The stand off has led to accusations and counter accusations on which party is at fault for failing to abide by the deadlines and information from ADN Consortium all blaming CA for this state of affairs.

Due to the power the ADN consortium yield, Kenyans have only heard one side of this Digital Migration story which unfortunately is mainly seeking to serve the media interests.

The CA is seeking to tell the other side of this story for Kenyans to fully understand why things are as they stand.

Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) will host the Communications Authority of Kenya CA) on Wednesday 25th February 2015 at the Nailab from 5.30 – 8pm.

The Panel will be made up of:-

Alfred Ambani – Assistant Director /Multimedia Services ( CA)

Daniel Obam – Communications Radio Technology Experts, National Communications Secretariat

Rachel Alwala – Assistant Director/Communications and External Affairs (CA)

The event will be moderated by Robert Kunga

Follow this link to register for this event.

Other Details:

What – Communications Authority forum on digital migration
When – Wednesday 25th February 2015
Time – 5.30 – 8 pm
Where – Nailab, Bishop Magua Center,

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