BloggingWe have seen tremendous growth in the blogging space since its inception and witnessed a lot of ups and downs from the time it was just simple weblogs for people to use as personal diaries to a time when it has become a playing field for everyone with something to say to the world, no matter in what subject. We have seen blogging be of immense benefits to its adherents, especially in terms of letting their message out to the world, and some even making it full on careers. On the flipside, we have also seen it land people on the wrong side of the law, with such extreme consequences in some countries as detention.

Blogging stands out from a lot of other traditional information outlets in the sense that anybody can sit at their keyboard, or pick up their smart phone and broadcast anything to the world. In an interesting change of landscape as concerns blogging and mainstream journalism, there is a growing trend of bloggers breaking news way before it hits traditional airwaves, complete with photographic evidence. A lot of governments and legal fraternities were caught flatfooted especially by the upsurge of blogs as avenues for political dissidents to fearlessly air their views. To cut a long story short, there are many facets to blogging but all in all, its power can no longer be ignored.

As blogs grow, there are a lot of questions that are floating around about how they should be run. Towards this, iHub has planned a forum to look at blogging through the eyes of different key organizations, namely the Communication Authority of Kenya, Bloggers Association of Kenya and representative from the mainstream journalist world among others. The forum will also look at blogging from a legal aspect. Some of the questions that the forum will look at are such as:

  • What are the merits of blogging?
  • What are the demerits?
  • Should blogging be regulated?
  • What are the differences between journalism and blogging?
  • Are blogs an alternative to mainstream media?
  • Should government and regulatory bodies handle blogging and journalism in the same way?

The speakers at the forum will be:

  • Priscilla Nyokabi – Nyeri County Women’s rep to the National Assembly
  • John Omo – Legal Director – The Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK)
  • James Wamathai – Bloggers Association of Kenya
  • David Makali – Journalist, Citizen TV
  • Violet Kerubo – State Counsel at the Attorney General’s chambers

Every blogger and aspiring blogger obviously stands to gain some valuable insights by attending this forum. Make the time tomorrow Wednesday 18th February from 5.30pm to 8.00pm for a candid talk on issues that affect the blogging ecosystem. Register and RSVP for the forum here.

See you there!

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