WritingMental acuity is a must for blogging, and indeed for anything else in life. Generating written blog content is not always an easy feat and even the best of writers sometimes get completely stuck when it comes to writing. What can writers do to make the situation better?

Note down ideas – Sometimes content ideas strike us when we’re not in a position to do anything wholesome about them. Bright ideas can be quite short lived, so that if you let them go un-noted, you’re likely not to remember then again. When something comes to mind that you feel you can develop into good content, note it down and act on it when you’re in a position to. You need to therefore have a pen and notebook with you all the times. Apps and software will work also for noting down ideas but bear in mind that these will sometimes fail you due to dead batteries or limited WiFi.

Read widely – Reading opens up your mind in more ways than you can believe. Reading widely means that you’re constantly sharpening your craft because it will help you to think of ideas and issues outside of yourself and your style of writing. It also gives you different viewpoints in which to tell a story. In short it fires up your imagination and widens your scope of the written word. In the words of Stephen King, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write”

Eat healthy – Some may say that eating right and writing are not related but eating right is a must for overall body health and for the mental acuity that you need so much of when you need to concentrate and write. Under eating and dehydration will put you at less than optimum state to sharpen your brain and get the words flowing. Overeating on the other hand will put you in a continuous state of lethargy, wasting whole mornings and afternoons in a near sick state.

Sort out other nagging issues – Peace of mind is certainly a must for ideas to flow. Before sitting down to get writing, sort out any small issues that may get in the way of your way and that will have you getting up all the time. It is better to spare some time to clear those prior to getting down to business instead of having them as a constant nagging feeling at the back of your mind. De-clutter your immediate physical environment and create a distraction free space on your comp.

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