Starting October last year, we have so far hosted Airtel twice at Nailab for The Experience. In the first event, Airtel got to discuss the music industry at large with an audience of active bloggers who shared the message with their respective audiences. They also got to introduce and discuss the now ended Airtel Trace Music Stars talent show which was at that time at its inaugural stages.

During the second Experience, Airtel got to talk about, an initiative by Facebook, Samsung, and other tech companies, aimed at offering low cost internet to the masses and especially to the areas that do not have good penetration of internet yet.

This time round, we’ll be hosting Airtel again on 5th February 2015 and the agenda is their partnership with UP Magazine to bring DXD 2015. DXD, short for Design by Disruption, is a first of its kind award ceremony that seeks to award key change makers in Kenya – people who use solution based thinking to overcome challenges. Popularly known as ‘Design Thinking’, the award looks to reward innovative elements in Kenyan society. It is organized in three phases. Phase one is a call for entries and it launches in February 2015. Phase two is announcement of shortlisted participants and will be in October 2015. Finally, phase three is the awards gala in November, 2015.

Design thinking is important because design has a big stake in how our lives run. Design, or lack thereof, affects every aspect of our lives. Our houses, roads, technology, clothes and generally the things we use every day are as a result of design. Clearly, design is a big deal and it is precisely for this reason that Airtel and UP Magazine want to highlight disruptive designers and bring the discussion of design and solutions based approaches to the fore with the Kenyan public. The aim is to spark more human centered design led option for more people to access and implement. Design and innovation are growing in Kenya and this can be the basis of a leap in growth as well as greatness and national pride.

We invite you to join us and find out more about the Airtel and UP Magazine partnership at the Nailab from 6.00pm. See you there!

Other Details

What: Launch of Design by disruption by Airtel and Up Magazine
Speakers: Nathan Masyuko-NexGen, Sapna Chandaria-UP Magazine, Marion Wanyoike- Airtel Kenya and Rand Pearson- UP Magazine
Moderator: Robert Kunga
When: Today, Thursday, 5th February 2015
Where: Nailab, 4th Floor Bishop Magua Centre, George Padmore Lane (Opposite Uchumi Ngong Road).
Time: 6pm