Blog ranking is very important especially if you want to make money out of it. Your blog will only be ranked high based on search engines. If people look for content that your blog covers, if it appears in the first page of search results, they are likely to trust your content more. This means you need to develop search engine friendly content,

To get this, your blog should have the following 3 main attributes in order to get ranked high in a popular keyword search, and to make sure it is search-engine-friendly as well:

Have keywords

When people use search engines, there are certain words they use. These keywords are what determines the results on search engines. Try to have your title of a blog post as the keyword you think people will use. If you can’t have it in the title, put it in the tags section or description. Ensure your post has words related to the keywords as well.

Have relevant content

Relevance is an important part of a search engine friendly blog. Despite having the keywords, your content needs to make sense and be related to the keywords. If you fill the content with keywords but the post has no relevance, your blog will be banned from search engines. There needs to be meaning and importance behind your blog.

Add search engine friendly images

Search engines don’t see your images, so you have to use Alt Tags (An HTML attribute specified in the image tag to provide alternate text when an image on a Web page cannot be displayed) to tell them what the image is. You can add the Alt Tags directly in the HTML code, or insert an image through the media manager and fill out the “Alt Text” field with your keywords, separated by dashes. You could also rename the image title to reflect the keywords
So there you have it. 3 easy ways to make your blog search friendly. There are more in-depth ways to go about it but these 3 basic methods will work well for anyone