Social media has become a gold mine for marketers. The number of times you find out about new products and services on social media increase by the day. Of all social media platforms, Twitter is the most sought after. It seems to be the best platform to use.

As many companies take to Twitter for marketing, there are a few rules to keep in mind.


Use the Twitter header

The Twitter header is a great place for branding and promotions. If there’s something important you wan to focus on, that’s the best place to highlight it. Get a nicely branded image and change the header when you have a sales or new product out in the market.

Include Photos

People are very visual. They respond better to tweet that have images. Marketing might need you to repeat something a couple of times. The best way to keep people’s attention when doing it is by using different images in the tweets. They will give you more attention and you get to pass on the message and be more effective.

Use hashtags

Using a hashtag is a slippery slope especially when you use more than one. It’s always good to have a hashtag as it makes it easier to track the conversation around your talk. Choose a relevant hashtag and keep it simple. Ensure the hastag is something that can be used over time and won’t become outdated with time.


Don’t forget to show your appreciation

Always show your appreciation and acknowledge your followers and those you interact with. Say thank you and send them tweets once in a while. Your followers are your community, the only way your marketing will work is if you show them some love and show them that you’re a family. This doesn’t mean you retweet and favorite everyone who mentions you. Pick a few people to show appreciation to everyday. It will cultivate a close bond between you and your followers.

Don’t believe the best times to tweet hype

There’s a belief that you shouldn’t tweet at certain times of the day. Some people believe the best time is in the morning while others think it’s in the evening. Truth is, there’s no standard universal perfect time for tweeting. It all depends on your audience and the message you want to pass. Come up with your own marketing strategy and figure out what works best for you. What determines the time to tweet is the product and service you’re marketing.

Don’t count the I love you’s

Many marketers always go looking to see how many people said “I love you” about them. The more they get, the better they feel. They also keep track of the people who say it and will respond in kind to them. If follower A fails to say something nice about them today, they don’t respond to subsequent tweets. This shouldn’t be the case. You’re on Twitter to market and give love. If you don’t get back some in return, it shouldn’t affect how you market. It’s not personal and you shouldn’t treat it that way.

What other do’s and don’ts do you know when it comes to Twitter marketing? Share with us in the comments section.