Promoting your blog post seems like an art at times. One where many people succeed at but not everyone can explain why this is so. It all has to do with the ways they promote the blog post. It’s not about spamming the timelines and email inboxes with the link to the post. There’s more to it.

Here are a few creative ways on how to go about it.

Niche social media

Use niche social media. Before you share the link on social media, determine which one works best. Some posts will do better on Twitter, others on Facebook and some need Instagram. You need to look at the target audience of the post and use the social media platform that suits them best.

Join blogger communities

The best way to promote your post is to let other bloggers know about it and they will in turn be able to share it to their following. It’s also an opportunity to engage with each other and you get feedback from your peers on it. A good place to start is by joining the Facebook group Kenyan Bloggers and share the content with your peers.

Use a vine video

Vine is a great way to get people to read your blog post; especially if it’s a video blog or photo blog. All you need to do is give a teaser if the post and share the video within vine and on Facebook and Twitter as well. With the availability of hashtags, it means more people get to know about your post and will visit your blog.

Comment on other blogs

Promoting your blog is all about getting people to notice you. You need them to know you have a blog and get them interested in reading about it. One sure way of doing this is by commenting on other sites. Leave an informative comment on a blog post together with your URL. This will let the owner of the site as well as anyone else reading the comments know about your blog.

These are just a few ways to go about promoting your blog. They are a sure way to get people to notice your writing and take an interest in your content. Try them out and you might get more people reading your content.

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