Many people are setting up their own businesses. They curve out their own niche and decide to be their own bosses. I’m all for this idea as it gives more opportunities to get a job and direct your career path. When you start your won business, one thing come sot mind’ where to work form. When you’re first starting off, getting an office is hard and out of the question for most people. It’s simply not viable as you think of all the money going into renting or buying office space. When it comes to this, I always advocate for working from home.

So many people frown at working from home. I tried it for about a year and I was more productive in the comfort of my home than an office. Not everyone is cut out for regular office hours. After too many debates on this issue I figured maybe it’s time to highlight the benefits of working from home. It might also be something to consider about letting your employees do.

The one thing I love about working from home is you get to manage your own business. You are your own boss and you determine how everything runs and at what pace. There are no people who may drag you behind or rush you to complete something and have a less than perfect result. It’s your business and you determine how everything is done.
Increased productivity is also a benefit of working from home. Some people work better form home. They feel like there are less distractions as they control everything around them. I happen to agree with this notion. There are no people around to talk to when you’re at home. When you sit down to work, it’s just you and your tasks. In the office, you end up hearing a joke form your colleague and your work is put on hold. Or you could be one of those people who can’t keep quiet when you’re around others and end up talking too much instead of working. Working from home is definitely a good idea for such characters.

You get to set your own hours. When you work from home, you determine how much time you will spend on work. You can do everything for the day in 3 hours and spend the rest of day relaxing. This isn’t the case in the office. There you have to work the standard 8 hours regardless of whether you have finished your projects or not. The hours are set and once you check in, you can’t check out till 5.00pm.

Better health can be attributed to working from home. So many people suffer from stress and high blood pressure due to working in the office. They sit still and in one position for so long. At home, you can move around, go jog for a bit and relax when work gets to be too much. In an office this isn’t possible. There’s also the added fact that the constant travelling across town, being stuck in traffic can also affect your health. Working form home eases anxiety and you feel relaxed at all times.

These are just a few benefits that come to mind. Working form home is not a cup of tea for everyone. Some people thrive in the office while others thrive from home. The key is to understand if your business needs office and evaluate what your employees need before you make that decision.